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Surrounded by clear sea, circled by white stone, illuminated by the Mediterranean sun, Montenegro is one of the last oases in Europe, which allows you to escape from the hectic pace of civilization and relax with the sound of waves, the chirping of crickets and scents of diverse vegetation.

Whatever rad you choose to come to Montenegro, throuhg whatever "door" you come inside, you will be welcomed by unspoilt nature and hospitable, proud and friendly people. If you are arriving by plane, you will see a grandstand snowy mountain peaks and "mountain eyes" - Black or any of the 17 lakes on Durmitor, surrounded by meadows and the woods, deep ravines, clear rivers, among them the largest in Europe - Tara Canyon ...

From airplane you will also see sites which are the part of UNESCO natural heritage. You will see the sparkling Adriatic coast line, turquoise waters, inlets and bays ...

If you arrive by boat, on the horizon in front of you will point out colorful coast - the gentle one - with sandy beaches and centennial olive trees, and the wild one - with mountains that reach the sky and "protect" the coast and old towns on it. Medieval castles and churches of coastal towns show that the passenger arrived at the right place, in a perfect arc for rest after a long voyage. On mall in Kotor and Perast, you may have the same connection on which were boats and yachts of European kings and princes, who won the fabulous beauty of Montenegro.

Seventy-three kilometers of the most beautiful circuit of the sun, sea and land - one hundred seventeen beaches spread the Montenegrin coast, offering various options for the most demanding guests. Summer on the Montenegrin coast runs from May to October - 180 days of the swimming season! I 240 sunny days a year! Just ask yourself - what kind of beach you want to enjoy? In the sandy, gravelly or rocky? Perhaps the "Queen's beach" in Milocer, where the royal family once bathed. Did you know that the beaches on the Budva Riviera, the quality of sand is one of the highest category in the world? You will not go wrong if you choose a discreet little beach in a sheltered cove, where one can reach only by boat.

If you want comfort on beach, swim in one of the hotel beaches. A good choice is the public beach near the house of the host in which you are accommodate or close to your favorite shops, where you still waiting for a glass of chilled beverages. If you want to get away from city bustle, take a walk to a beach tucked next to the old olive groves and pine forests, in whose shade you can relax. If you want, however, to completely enjoy the sun and the sea, go on a nudist beach, Ada Bojana, or enjoy the longest sandy beach of the Adriatic coast near Ulcinj, which rightly bears the name of Long Beach.

you are comming by train, bus or car, you will have the ideal opportunity to enjoy the magnificent landscapes of untouched nature - Biogradsko lake, the last primeval forest in Europe, "Royal Forest" and the national park, which was founded by King Nikola in 1878, six years after Yellowstoun national park was established in the U.S., the oldest national park in the world. You will be able to see the strong, fast and clear rivers, which for centuries have eroded rocky mountains and broke through the picturesque canyons. As a very unique scene you get the 1300 meter deep canyon, the largest in Europe. The only deeper canyon is the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River in America. If you want to stop and take a short break - to fill the lungs with pure air, eyes with an unusual landscape, there are numerous vantage points and visoravske meadows of peace and tranquility waiting for you ... For any of the 18 lakes on Durmitor - Black, Devil, Zminje ... or the damn-pit, the Plav lake from which flows the river Lim - enjoy the beauty! Meet rare animal species that can be met only in the pages of books.

If you find yourself on the Skadar Lake, the largest lake of the Balkans, know that you came in the biggest bird reserve in Europe, the last habitat of pelicans on the continent. When sailing the lake, you can see its shores with numerous bays, islands and peninsulas. Shores are part of the swamp, covered by a broad belt of reeds and "carpet" of marsh plants, partly with hidden rocky coves in hot stone Rumija. Roads of Montenegro, will bring you up to monasteries which are old many senturies and churches, where you will get to know the part of the rich historical and cultural heritage of Montenegro. These are the landmark of which extend the life of a turbulent centuries of indigenous Mediterranean culture. Patinated façade of Romanesque, Renaissance and Baroque churches and patrician palaces portals, swept evoke time, tell us about the rich, dramatic, and glorious past. There is almost no place in Montenegro, which in one way or another, monument or building, or surrender to the specific name of the forest, or a higher end, does not reflect the rich history of the area. In this area  many conquerors came, different people come and gone, leaving the stamp of their culture and identity. Therefore, Montenegro is a strange union of different civilization courses. The boundary between two worlds - East and West, has just passed through this region, so today there are, more or less, recognizable traces of Byzantine, Venetian, Austro-Hungary, Islam ...

In Risan you can see perfectly preserved mozaik from III century, where he represented the god of sleep Hypnos. Even earlier, before the arrival of the Romans, Risan was chosen by the Illyrian queen Teuta for his capital city. If you go to the mouth of the Zeta Moraca, you will find the remains of Doclea. In I century BC the city was the center of the Roman province of southern Dalmatia, and the remains of the forum, the basilica, the baths and villas speak of his power and importance. This area, called Either way, 1040th  became one of the first independent kingdom in the Balkans, which Zeta inherited
1077th. Zeta successor kings Djuradj Crnojevic founded the 1494th the printing press from which it came "Oktoih prvoglasnik," the first book in the Balkans, printed in Cyrillic. It happened just forty years since the invention of Gutenberg press, or twenty years after it was printed at Westminster the first book in English. Above the Bay of Kotor, near old Montenegrin capital of Cetinje, there is Mt Lovćen. The trail of 461 steps leads to the Njegoš mausoleum, located at 1660 meters above sea level. It contains the remains of Petar Petrovic Njegos, poet, bishop and statesman.

Riddled with more than a hundred bullets, the Montenegrin flag from the Battle of Vucji Do (1876. Years), is now kept at the National Museum in Cetinje. On Vučji do, under the leadership of Prince Nicholas, more powerful army of Muktar Pasha was defeated.

In Montenegro, you will be welcomed by people whose traditions include respect for the benevolent guest. You will be welcomed by people loyal to the country where they live, people proud of their ancestors whose names carry and whose heritage preserve.

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