Top 10 places in Montenegro

A place where each day blooms in different colours, where its nights are scented with the sea and mountain currents … Yes, it is Montenegro … waiting for you with its arms wide open, offering everything it has on its small but strong shoulders.

To single out the top ten destinations in an enthralling destination such as Montenegro is a true challenge but we embarked on the adventure to learn what makes Montenegro one of the most interesting destinations in the world. Let’s take this virtual tour together through this fascinating country. And in reality, you can rent a Montenegrocar ​for a road trip adventure, or contact the Montenegro tourist service to guide you through many interesting locations in Montenegro.


So, it’s time we embark on this adventure:


1. Sveti Stefan (St. Stephen Island)

When in Budva, the capital of Montenegrin tourism, you are almost a stone's throw away from the most fascinating and prestigious place in Montenegro – Sveti Stefan, the most iconic destination in Montenegro. This conceptually speaking unique city-hotel has welcomed world-known celebrities - Queen Elizabeth II, Novak Djokovic, Victoria, and David Beckham, Den Bilzerian, Ronaldinho, Sophia Loren, Sylvester Stallone, and others. No wonder it is on the Lonely Planet’s list of A - TOP 10 glamorous places in the world. A while ago, Sveti Stefan was just a tiny fishing village, with many olive groves, but today it is a resort that offers romantic and exclusive vacations with utmost privacy.



2. Kotor

An ancient city on the coast of Montenegro, Kotor is a high-ranking place on the map of every globetrotter.  Located in the southernmost fjord in Europe, sheltered by gigantic karst mountains, surrounded by the spell bounding Bay of Boka Kotorska, Kotor is a magnet for the world. Be sure to bring a good phone or camera with you, because you will be struck by the beauty of the Old Town, the Square of Arms, the Cathedral of St. Tryphon, historical museums and small ​​pjace, that make up the historical and cultural core of this city. If you are a hiking enthusiast and enjoy the magnificent views from above, head along the stone path to the Fortress of San Giovanni, to see the sights so often featured online and in world tourist magazines. One thing is for sure, a little piece of your heart will stay in Kotor



3. Porto Montenegro

Another acclaimed, glamorous place in Montenegro with the most exclusive and unique offer. Porto Montenegro has been transformed into a world marina that welcomes even the largest superyachts. It can accommodate as many as 630 berths for yachts, but the demand is growing every day. And, that is not all. Porto Montenegro is a unique complex of exclusive hotels, restaurants, resorts, galleries, and a backdrop for music and cultural performances, exhibitions, etc. Porto Montenegro welcomed the exhibitions of Warhol, Dali, and other world-known artists. This sunny place in the Bay of Kotor is a vision of life filled with luxury and cosmopolitism, with a unique, Mediterranean flair.


4. Perast

A few kilometres from Kotor and only a few more from Budva, there is a town carved in the stone of Boka bay. The town of churches and museums is the centuries-old home of sailors and navigators of the sea who brought wealth from all corners of the world and enriched the town with it. You will enjoy walking along the waterfront passing by the palaces (palazzo) of the Bujović, Bronze, and Mrša families. A unique view of the Bay reaches to the Strait of Verige, the artificial islands of Our Lady of the Rocks and St. George.  You can take a taxi boat to the island of Our Lady to hear about the heart-breaking love stories and enjoy the sights of Boka Kotorsk’s hand-made lace, art school, and icon painting.  If you watched The November Man, and remember the scene of Pierce Bronsan drinking coffee in a coffee shop in Perast, then you know why this place is a must-visit in Montenegro.




5. Cetinje

The museum city, nestled between Budva and the capital Podgorica, is the royal capital of Montenegrin history and tradition. Located in the karst valley, Cetinje is the town where the time stands still. Abundant with the artistic and classical architecture of European embassies, Cetinje has a valuable museum legacy too. You must not miss the Cetinje Monastery, a unique complex, where the Crnojevic and Petrovic dynasties ruled, and which is a home to precious Christian relics - such as the hand of St. John the Baptist with which Christ was baptized, and a part of the Holy Cross. In the building next to the Government House, in the Blue Chapel, there is the Icon of the Our Lady of Philermos. Next, there is the Billiard, the Castle of King Nikola. If you want to see unique panoramic views of the Cetinje field, typical of Montenegrin natural features, visit the Eagle Karst, the place where the ancestor of the Petrovic dynasty, Bishop Danilo I is buried.



6. Lovćen

Lovcen National Park is one of the symbols of Montenegro. It is a witness to an interesting history of the Njegusi and Cetinje region. Some say that the coast of Italy can be seen from the Lovćen mountain on very clear mornings.  It is the eternal resting place of the wisest Montenegrin, a bishop, and a poet, Petar II Petrovic Njegos. The mausoleum is located on Jezerski vrh, the second-highest peak of Lovćen, and is the most important monument of the national park. To reach the Mausoleum you need to take 461 stairs and on the top, you are greeted by two caryatids – Montenegrin women, who guard the tomb of the greatest Montenegrin poet. Lovcen National Park covers the central and highest part of the Lovcen Mountain with a total area of 62.2 kilometers. The area is filled with old houses, guvna, katuni  - remnants from the old times in this part of the country.



7. The Skadar Lake

The largest lake in the Balkans, located in the Zeta Valley, belongs to the municipalities of Bar and Podgorica. If you take the Sozina tunnel, you will reach the lake in about a 20-minutes drive from the coast. One part of the lake is located in Albania, while the area of 40,000 hectares belongs to Montenegro. Skadar Lake has been a national park since 1983. It is the home of many rare plant and animal species, so it is extremely popular for birdwatching, speleology, sports and recreation, visits to historical monuments - such as the fortress of Lesendro. On Skadar Lake, especially in the western part, there are a large number of churches - monasteries, such as Kom, Beška, the Church of the Immaculate Conception. You can experience all this through lake tours, on foot, and you should visit Virpazar and Rijeka Crnojevića, the former capital of Montenegro.



8. OSTROG Monastery

Ostrog Monastery is a world-famous place of worship and pilgrimage. The construction of the monastery began in the 12th century on an extremely inaccessible terrain, but its architectural solutions are stunning. It is carved into the rock at 900 meters above sea level, from where you can enjoy the panoramic view of the Bjelopavlićka plain and the surrounding mountains. The relics of Saint Basil of Ostrog are located in the Upper Monastery, and are believed to have healing power. This monastery complex, in addition to the Upper Part, also has the Lower Monastery, and halfway through the picturesque and almost mystical forest, you will find a church dedicated to the Holy New Martyr Stanko, the place where most baptisms are performed. Pilgrims of all religions flock on a walking tour from the Lower to the Upper Monastery. Ostrog Monastery is a place of peace and tranquillity.



9. The Black Lake

Durmitor, and Žabljak region, is impressive massif with 18 glacial lakes. The most famous among them is the Black Lake, a lake of beauty that will never fade away. Glacial lakes, the so-called mountain eyes of Durmitor, the Great and Small lake join into a single Black lake.  The lake is surrounded by a dense forest of Durmitor black pine, which reflects in the lake and many believe this is the reason why the lake was named Black. The depth of the Small lake is around 50 meters, while the Great lake is about 24.5m deep. During the winter, the lake is surrounded by snow and ice, and in the spring, when Celina and Mlinski streams come to life, they fill in the lake. There is a hiking trail around the lake, of 3.5 km in length that is ideal for all lovers of hiking, and many other well-marked paths around the mountain.



10. Biogradska Gora

A beautiful jewel of the Montenegrin tourist postcard is the Biogradska gora. The first national park in Montenegro, with the recognizable Biograd Lake and the old, pan-European rainforest, attracts tourists from all over the world. When it comes to climate, Biogradska Gora has 4 different types of climate, due to the specific location of the National Park. There are moderate continental, Adriatic-Mediterranean, mountainous and sub-mountainous climates. As Biogradska gora is located on the mountain Bjelasica, the optimal temperature during the summer is 17 degrees Celsius. Biogradska gora, due to its lakes, diverse and rare flora and fauna, is the best choice for a pleasant vacation.

As you can see, the choice was not easy at all. Montenegro is a true pearl on a relatively small territory, so it is very easy to get from the coastal region to the mountains. The locations are very close to Budva, thanks to the ​​Montenegrocar  and transfers by ​Montenegro Tourist service​​.

Let’s choose new locations together and write new guides to Montenegro.

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