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Montenegro - Mediterranean pearl

Montenegro is special in many ways, located in the south of the Adriatic Sea. Nowhere else in the world can you find, in such a small space, so many natural resources, so much beauty, such agreeable beaches, crystal clear lakes, fast-flowing rivers and gorgeous mountains - like you can in Montenegro.

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Natural heritage

Montenegro has, in a relatively small space, 5 national parks, each offering unique and memorable natural beauties. (NP Lake Scutari, NP Lovćen, NP Biogradska Gora and NP Durmitor)

Cultural heritage

Diversity of periods that took place in this area left behind traces in numerous localities in Montenegro. Montenegro has been exposed to a plethora of cultural heritages, from the Palaeolithic, through the Bronze Age and all the way to the Renaissance and Baroque. A great concentration of artistic and cultural treasures has been recognized in the Bay of Kotor, and the town of Kotor has been included in the cultural heritage of UNESCO.


Enjoying the food very slowly but luxuriously is the main feature of Montenegrin cuisine, which resists changes despite inevitable passage of time. Montenegrins are excellent hosts and the rich food offered is beyond any thought.


Montenegro is connected to the world by railway, road, maritime and plane traffic. It is up to you to choose which manner of travelling suits you most.


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