Why would I choose your agency?
Why waste your time going to the agency in person when you can book your holidays from home in couple of minutes. If you are already familiar with the online way of booking, the agency offers you the security you cannot have if you contact the service provider on your own. Furthermore, our site is translated into 9 languages and you can communicate with our customer service in your mother tongue.

Where can I learn more about your agency?
Adriagate is an online travel agency specialized in helping you find the appropriate accommodation in Montenegro. To learn more about our agency click  
about us

How does your agency operate?
After booking guest and agency enter a legal relationship. On the following link you can find general terms and obligations for both guest and agency. general terms and conditions

Who do I turn to in case I need help or recommendation?
Our customer service is at your disposal 7 days a week. Contact us without hesitation. 
customer support

How do I search?
You can search our pages in the following ways: using the simple and detailed search or you can search our offer by code and by destination. In first two cases it is necessary to enter the parameters into the menu and as a result you will see only the accommodation units that match the entered parameters. Search by destination lists only accommodation located in the desired region.

What is My favorites?
In case you do not book your accommodation the first time you visit our web site and you do not wish to search our offer every time from the beginning, you can save the accommodation units you like in ‘My favorites’. In other words ‘My favorites’ is a list of accommodation units you selected.

What is private accommodation?
In Montenegro large number of accommodation belongs to the category of private accommodation. The advantage of private accommodation lies in the price and the privacy. Private accommodation is in general more affordable then hotels and the total capacity is smaller then in the hotels. On the other hand, private accommodation rarely offers other services besides accommodation.

Can You explain the prices of the private accommodation in the Montenegro Tourist Service offer?
The prices of all accommodation units are expressed in euros per person, per night. Maximal number of people is defined by the number of beds.

What is included in the price of the rent?
The price of the rent includes the use of electricity and water, dishes, cutlery, linen, towels and the SAT TV. The final cleaning is generally included in the price of the rent if not otherwise stated.

Which services are not included in the price of the rent?
The price of the rent does not include the additional services such as the use of the air conditioning, boat rental, laundry washing if the washing machine is outside of the accommodation unit.

What is the standard equipment of the accommodation units?
All accommodation units besides rooms include private kitchen that necessarily includes the oven and the fridge, dishes and cutlery. Linen is also included. The additional equipment varies from accommodation to accommodation and it is indicated for every accommodation unit separately.

Is there a certain time when I am supposed to arrive and leave the accommodation?
If it is not otherwise specified the earliest hour you can enter the accommodation is after 14 o'clock on the arrival day and you are obligated to leave the accommodation by 10 o'clock in the morning on the departure day.

What happens if I bring more people to the accommodation?
If more guests than are stated on the voucher arrive at the accommodation unit, the host has the right to deny the extra customers accommodation. Therefore, it is crucial to register all the people. It is also necessary to enter all the children even the babies into the booking form.

Can I bring my pet to the accommodation unit?
Certain hosts from our offer do not accept pets in their accommodation units. The possibility of bringing pets and the price is indicated for every accommodation unit separately. It is also necessary to enter the pet into the booking form.

Why is it necessary to register?
In order to book a service from our offer it is necessary to register. The registration provides you the privacy, because only you can access your requests. After you send a booking request you can check the stage of your request in every moment.

How can I register?
The process of registration is quick and simple. All you need to do is enter your e-mail and choose a password.

What if I forget my password?
The easiest way to get your password is to send an e-mail to our customer service. Our employees will check our data base and send you soon.

How do I book a service from your offer?
The booking procedure is explained in detail on the following link.  
how to make reservation

When is the best period for booking?
It is in your interest to book as soon as possible and in this way you can ensure yourself the desired accommodation. When the season approaches most accommodation gets booked and there are fewer units to choose from.

What is the last minute offer?
If you wish to book the accommodation just before the holidays you can choose from our last minute offer. The advantage of the last minute offer is the price, because as the season approaches the price drops. The disadvantage of this offer is that there are fewer units to choose from.

Why do I sometimes get a negative response to my inquiry even though your web pages show different?
Since we contact our hosts by phone to check accommodation unit availability immediately after your request, unfortunately it is not possible to keep availability on our web pages updated to the minute. Nevertheless, we do our best to update accommodation unit availability as frequently as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience.

What is the voucher?
The voucher is the guarantee that you booked a service from our offer. You can find all relevant information related to the reservation on the voucher. Besides contact information about the owner, on the voucher you can also find information about the guests and the reservation: name and surname of the guest, number of persons, date and the amount of the reservation.

How do I pay for the reservation?
All the information about the payment you can find on our pages on the following link. 
payment options

What happens if I do not manage to pay the advance within the deadline?
If you miss the deadline for the advance payment you are obligated to inform the agency. If you do not contact us, the situation may result with overbooking.

Is my credit card information secure?
Monteengrobokings.info uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology that encodes your personal information and the information about your credit card. The mentioned information is accessible only to you and to Monteengrobookings-u.

Can I change my reservation after the advance payment?
Should changes occur after the advance payment you are obliged to inform the agency about the change. The following are examples of changes: changes to the number of guests, changes to arrival / departure dates. In every case the change has to be authorized by the host.

Am I entitled to a refund in case I cancel the reservation?
The terms of the cancellation depend on the date of the cancellation regarding the arrival date. You can check the details about the cancellation on the following link  general terms and conditions

Who do I turn to if I have problems after my arrival?
In case of problems after the arrival please contact our customer service and we will try to solve the problem over the phone. Should this prove impossible the agency will send the representative to the spot.

How do I find the booked accommodation?

After you complete the payment we will send to your e-mail the voucher that contains contact information about the host.

Where can I book transfer to the booked accommodation?
If you plan to arrive to Montenegro by public transport and you are not planning to rent a car, our agency offers you the transfer service from the airports and harbors to the destination. Find out all about our transfer offer on the following link  transfers

Where can I rent a car in Montenegro?
If you are not planning to arrive to Montenegro by car and wish to move independently from public transport we have a solution for you. Book a car from our rent a car offer.   rent a car

Where can I check the ferry lines in Montenegro?
Our agency also offers the booking service of ferry tickets for certain destinations. Check our offer on the following link  ferry tickets

You plan to arrive with your car and you want to learn more about the Montenegrian roads.
You can check all relevant information about the Monteengrian roads on the following link.  hac Here you can check the routes, the prices and many other information.
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