The church is located in the northeastern part of Kotor's city lake, near the northern city gate. It is built in the site of an old Christian basilica, of which, besides foundations, were found the remains of the church furniture and baptistery, which can be seen in the sacristy at 1.5 m below the present floor.
Present church was built in 1221. Nave basis is divided into three bays. Above the central bay rises a dome from the inside round, and outside octagonal vestibule. Above octagonal dome is based on the massive ribs of rectangular cross section.
Portals, on the west and south facades, slightly profiled, and their lunettes have a system of sickle romantic vaults. Two double windows on the western facade (later converted into a rosette) and the apse, and several formed good romantic openings illuminate the inside. Fasade are constructed by alternating rows of gray and reddish rocks.

The Church has repeatedly undergone changes and upgrades to the north strain. In 15th century it was added the chapel of St. Ivan and facilities related to the sacristy, so that part is connected with a wide port to the church. In 18th century Baroque bell tower was added.
In the early 14th century the church was picturesque. Frescoes have been preserved only in fragments: Christ Pantokrator several standing figures in the dome, on the west wall: Wedding at Cana in the south, and remains of more scenes concentrated around the Crucifixion, in the apse. According to preserved signature on the sword of the Archangel Gabriel, the author of the scenes was Manojlo, Greek painter, who was mentioned in the written sources.
The church keeps a wooden Crucifixion from the 14th century, two baroque altar made ​​of colored marble and some pictures of Venetian origin, among them the Paying of St. Pavle by A. Zanki. Reliefs on the sarcophagus of the Blazena Ozana were made by A. Augustincic, and bronze reliefs with scenes from her life on the hinged door by V. Lipovac.
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