In terms of excursion tourism Herceg Novi is a destination with superb capabilities and advantages that this type of tourism offers. Excursion program includes narrower and wider area.


is an attractive bay, south of the village Rose, 3.8 nautical miles from Herceg Novi, surrounded by old olive groves. Large beach of white pebbles, turned in north - south and protected from winds by Cape Arza, it is almost 300 m long, 10-15 m wide. In summer, when its popular tourist resort of Herceg Novi Riviera, it receives almost 1,000 bathers. Žanjic is far the most popular resort not only for tourists but also for citizens of Herceg Novi.


is one of the most attractive in a series of caves located on the peninsula Luštica, located between bay Zlatna Luka and the cape Mokra gora. It is 5.7 nm away from Herceg Novi. There are two holes at an angle of 45 degrees, the height from sea level to the top of the ceiling is 9 feet, and depth 3 - 4 m. Its name comes from the unusual blue color during the sunny days, when sun rays reflect off of the surface of sea. Visiting this cave is an obligatory part of one's tour through the Bay of Kotor, and it can be seen from regular boat or smaller boats.


This small cove is an inseparable part of the bay Žanjic. It is situated between the bay Žanjic and Cape Arza, and in front of the bayis an islet Mala Gospa (Little Lady), with renovated medieval church. At the cape there is a fortress which was built by the Romans to control the entrance to the Bay.


on sea charts is known as Lastavica, while its widely accepted name Mamula got after the Austrian general Lazar Mamula who fortified it in the mid 19 century. Mamula is an uninhabited island at the entrance to the Bay, 3.4 nm away from Herceg Novi. It is circular with a diameter of 200 m, covered with low vegetation, the beach and a dock are on the north side. During both world wars on the island was a prison and in memory of that period is a memorial plaque. For the revival and tourist valorization of this very attractive island were made several projects, but none had been implemented.
Mamula is still a deserted island, but also a favorite summer resort.


On the northwestern coast of the peninsula Luštica, opposite Herceg Novi, from which is 1.7 nautical miles away, is the settlement Rose. There it used to be an old Greek settlement Porto Rose, which was destroyed by the Saracens in the ninth century, and terminated by numerous earthquakes. It is a typical Mediterranean town with houses bunched together and aligned in front of the pier - front, well protected from winds.
The town is surrounded by lush vegetation, cypress, pine, olive, oak, oleander, bay leaves and underbrush. On the north of the harbor is a small and beautiful sandy beach, shaded by olive trees - commonly called MALO ROSE. Homes in this area have hundreds of beds, of which half of them are apartments.


Following the asphalt road, by car or on foot, 14 km from Herceg Novi, at an altitude of 850 meters, you arrive at the mountain house "BORIĆI" which, in addition to twenty beds, has a restaurant with quality offers and beautiful view of the Bay of Kotor.


Orijen is the highest mountain in the Adriatic Sea (1,895 m), with an area of ​​403.9 km2. Basic climate characteristics are: a huge amount of rainfall and prolonged snow cover. Crkvice, with an average of almost 5000 mm per year, is the place with the highest rainfall in Europe, and snow is higher than 30 cm is held for 30 - 120 days a year. Four main areas of this mountain: ZUBAČKI UBLI, VRBANJ AREA (the best, and somewise affirmed ski terrain SUBRA, with the boarding house "ALPINA", Crkvice area and Bijele Gore area (with the greatest snow cover). Besides caving attraction that has this mountain, Orijen is particularly interesting for its endemic plant species, and it is not called by chance "ancient frontiers", as it is known for its many historic attractions testified by the remains of Austro-Hungarian fortresses.

Even then, back in 1895 the highest peak of Orjen - ZUBAČKI KABAO had a footpath of good quality (VAREŠANIN's PATH). Recently, Orijen is known for its large number of marked and unmarked hiking trails, but we advise not to go without a guide.
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