National Park Lovćen covers the central and highest part of the Lovcen massive, surface area 6220 ha. Declared a national park in 1952. year. Located in the southwestern part of Montenegro between Skadar Basin, Bay of Kotor and Budva Riviera. Rises just above the sea, closing long and winding bays of Boka, making the background of an ancient maritime town of Kotor.

    In a relatively narrow space encounter numerous and diverse forms of relief, accentuated in the central part of the mountain, where the highest peaks are Stirovnik and Jezerski vrh. Its slopes are rocky with many crevices, pits and deep depressions, giving the scenery a specific look.

    Thanks to its location on the border between two completely different natural wholes, sea and mainland, Lovcen influence of both climates. On the other hand,  orography of Lovćen has an influence on mountain climate. All these different influences have caused the appearance of a very rich and diverse flora and fauna. In the area of ​​national park a significant value has its cultural and historical heritage.

    Unique architectural relic, worthy of attention, are the famous serpentine of Lovcen. The old road toward Kotor winds uphill to Njegusi, a picturesque mountain village, where there are houses of Petar II Petrovic Njegos famous Montenegrin ruler and poet of the nineteenth century and the last ruler of Montenegro - King Nikola I Petrovic.

    Most attractive monument of national park Lovćen is the mausoleum of Njegoš, built on lake top, the place that this renowned poet and thinker during the lifetime chosen for eternal rest.

Lovcen has plenty elements of national construction. The authentic old houses and the village threshing floors, and huts in the summer pastures - summer livestock settlements.

    The lookout, nearby, offers a breathtaking view of the Bay of Kotor and Katunska nahija. The famous Bernard Shaw, when he saw it, calledit '' The sea of Rocks".

The Visitor Center NP LOVĆEN, Ivanova

   Visitors can get all the info related to NP in the Center. In the Center  there is a wolf room - caracteristic species of this region and Nature preservation room with herbarium settings. Tourists can getguiding maps of walking and hiking traks and various advertising materials.

    Not far from the Visitors Center in nearby woods, there are five wooden houses - bungalows for visitors and residence. One bungalow has all the necessary conditions for a pleasant stay: a kitchenette, bedroom, bathroom, small living room. Price per bungalow is € 40.00 per day.


    The main motive for visiting this area is Njegošev mausoleum on lake summit (1657m). From this peak one can see the whole environment, especially the "Sea of Rocks", Cetinje, Skadar Lake, the Bay of Kotor. This is one of the most beautiful vantage points in Montenegro!


   Cultural and historical heritage of NP Lovćen mostly concentrated in the village Ivanova Korita and Njegusi and includes sacred, memorial and technical monuments and specific ethnographic fund.


   Which are  a lot, increase the attractiveness of the park. From this region one can enjoy a wonderful view of the Budva Riviera, Bay of Kotor. The best known are Brajići , Konjsko, Majstori, Dolovi, Kuk, Krstac....

Pedestrian routes
Hikers and mountain climbers in the park can enjoy and benefit from well-marked and marked trails. There are three of them:
I The circuit Palac - Treštenik –Šancevi-Koložun- Vjetreni Mlin- Dolovi- Palac.
The trail is 12.7 km long.
II Track Ivanova korita-Jezero-Bukovica, length of 12 km.
IIIIvanova korita-Majstori, 4.5 km in length.
For organized groups can be provided guiding services.
Sport Events

The April and September meetings Goran Montenegro
The hill-speed auto-racing Lovćen (July 13 - National Day of Montenegro)
Mountain biking


   Situated on the border of two large natural entities - the sea and the mainland, Lovcen influence of both climates. Thus, in one relatively small area can follow the effects of coastal mountains and the temperate continental climate. Therefore, this law area is air bath suitable for active recreation and recovery from many illnesses.
   There is a possibility that Ivanova Korita becomes climate-health center. Such a center would be particularly be suitable for the treatment of respiratory diseases, so called management diseases and so on.
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