Regions of Durmitor, the unspoilt beauty of rare and authentic work of nature, were declared a national park in 1952. year. Located in the northwest of Montenegro, the Park occupies Durmitor with canyons of Tara, Draga and Susica and upper canyon valley Komarnica, covering an area of ​​39,000 ha.

The basic characteristic of Durmitor landscape  area is the vast plateau at 1,500 meters above sea level, which is carved by the deep canyon valleys, which rise with impressive mountain peaks, 48 ​​of them with over 2,000 masl and the greatest hip Bobotov Kuk with 2525 m.

   The beauty of Durmitor massif special charm gives 18 glacial lakes called "eye of the mountain", at altitudes above 1,500. The largest and most attractive is the Black Lake. Magnificence of the landscape is enhanced by the beauty of the lake basin and the glittering water surface, a large forest area that surround it and Međed,  raised upon it. It is 2 km from the mountain town Zabljak, the winter tourist center of Montenegro.

    In the vicinity of Black Lake are no less impressive Zminje lake, sunken in the old juniper-fir forest and lake Barno, in the middle of vast bogs, surrounded with conifer forest.

   In a series of hydrographic pearls Durmitor are: the beauty and wilderness environments - Škrčka lake, circled by ice and snow until mid-July - Whirlpool Green and Blue Lake and lulled in the middle of endless meadows - Devil and Fish Lake.

   Among the most beautiful ornaments of the park are clear and fast rivers twhich made astonishing canyon valleys. Particularly impressed by the river Tara, its beauty and the flowing water, and depth and canyon landscapes, making it one of the most beautiful in the world.

    With richness of flora and fauna, ecosystem, representing over 1,300 species of vascular plants as the exceptional concentration of endemic and relict species, Durmitor is a magnificent natural assets and a lasting inspiration for scientists and nature lovers. It has many natural rarities, like the forests of pine at the site of Black floor, whose grand trunks are up to 50 m high and have survived for over 400 years.

    Durmitor National Park has a considerable number of monuments of culture from ancient times up. The most characteristic are the medieval monuments: ruins of towns and forts, bridges and towers, cemetery with tombstones and monastery complexes in the valley of the river Tara.

   As examples of the ethnological heritage, it is important to mention the type of country houses, so called "savardaks" and mills scattered pastures and Durmitor's brooks.

    All the richness of natural beauty, landscape and cultural values ​​of Durmitor and the Tara river contributed to the National Park'' Durmitor'' inscribed in the List of World Cultural and Natural Heritage, the decision of the International Committee for the World Cultural and Natural Heritage, Paris 1980th year, while Tara and its canyon, the UNESCO program "Man and Biosphere" 1977 included in the environmental world biosphere reserve.
NP Durmitor territory includes municipalities of Zabljak, Šavnik, Plužine, Mojkovac and Pljevlja.
    Durmitor National Park is one of the oldest protected areas in our country, because in 1907, at the time of King Nikola, the Black Lake area, was declared a royal ban.

    Wonders of the Tara River canyon, jungle reserve of pine, 18 glacial lakes "mountain eyes", the mountain peaks, waterfalls, an unforgettable view points, make the world of pristine and untouched nature of Durmitor and offers fantastic opportunities for tourism throughout the year. Durmitor is also affirmed as the mountain-skiing center.


    It is located in the NP administration building near the Black Lake, where you can get all necessary information regarding the tourist offer of the park, natural and cultural values, and also can be bought a filmabout NPCG. There is a natural collection of NP, homemade gift shop, and room for showing films for about 30 visitors.
   Walk around the Black Lake
   From the Administration building, park visitors can enjoy a stroll around the Black Lake, distance of 4 km.
   In the summertime it is possible to GO boating and swimming on the lake, and during winter walk along its frozen surface. Black Lake area is frozen in winter and snow cover is retained 120-150 days. Durmitorians claim it is safe to walk along the frozen lake after detecting traces of foxes. In the lake are several species typical of alpine lakes (trout).
   Excursion from Zabljak to Zminje beautiful lake is recommended because it is a mild climb and takes only one (1) hour.
The rise in Medjed hill is possible from several directions, but as the most interesting route recommend is to climb Black Lake - točak, Struga, Mali Medjed, Great Medjed descent direction and Great previa, Lokvice, Black Lake (three hours walk).

  The attractiveness of the park are numerous vantage points, including: Galev debris, Pirlitor, Small and Large Štuoac, Savin Kuk and others. For organized groups engage the guide service.

    Cultural heritage of NP Durmitor includes numerous archaeological sites - Illyrian tombs and cemetery with tombstones, forts, medieval monasteries, country churches, historical monuments, as well as national building-ethnographic fund.


    Area of ​​Durmitor massif is rightly be called caving Eldorado.
    Logged over 300 caves, of which a large number examined. The three longest and deepest facility in this area are: Jama Vjetrenim the hills, in the Small Cave and Cave valleys fracture system in the North Obručinama.

Durmitor massif is perfect for practicing different sports.
Sport fishing

It takes place on the Tara River, Black Lake and the devil in the period 01.05 to 01.10.

Paddling on Black Lake

National Park Service issued the boats on the Black Lake.

One of the more interesting discipline is driving boats-kayaks on the river Tara.
The starting point is at Camp II to limit NP - Sušica and lasts 1-2 days


One of the most interesting discipline is rafting on the Tara River.
Rafting with wooden rafts and rubber boats, carried out in the organization of NP, as well as other travel-agency organization.
The safest rafting is between 01 July to 15 September when the water level of the river Tara adaptable for rafting.
In recent years, it is interesting rafting which runs from Camp II to Zugic port and lasts 3-4 hours.


It takes place in designated areas in the zone and NP are:
Camp II, Zugic port, Radovan luka, Garrido, Susica and Dobri Do.


Durmitor is one of the best marked mountains in Europe, and visitors can enjoy plenty of hiking, with or without a guide. There is a map of Durmitor mountain in which they are drawn all the hiking tours, most known:
-Black Lake-Lake Zminje (1 h)
-Black Lake-Lake Jablan (2 h)
-Black Lake-Ice Cave (3 h)
-Black Lake-Bobotov kuk (5.30 h)
The longest and hardest climb to Bobotov kuk (2525 m) and lasts for five hours and 30 minutes.
Hikers often used to go to Garrido (1731 m / n), where the mountain hut is located. Hence it is possible to go out to the highest peaks - and Prutaš Bobotov kuk (2393 m / n), and visit two glacial lakes. The site Garrido is attractive for photo-safari, because it is rich in wildlife (divikoze, deer, bears ...). The security guards NP regulate in this House. Accommodation in mountain hut 5.00 €, tents 3.00 €. (You must bring your sleeping bag)
Excellent terrain provides: free climbing, mountain biking, orienteering, paragliding, snowboarding ...
Snowboard club Savin Kuk
Mountain Sports Club Komovi
Photo Safari: of 1 June to 1 October
Sports club for extreme sports
Circular tour rally - Durmitor Ring
For fans of motorsports, it i organized a circular tour around Durmitor - Durmitor Ring, with all-terrain vehicles-Jeeps, a distance of 75 km. Going from Zabljak via Stulac, Male plateau villages of Montenegro, through the canyon Sušice, where the canyon Sušice park has hiking house, then through the village Nedajno, Trse, Pisca, Todorovog dola, Dobrog dola, Sedla, Pošćensko mountains, and return to Stožine Zabljak.

The most important event that takes place on Zabljak is "Days of Mountain Flowers", which takes place from 13 11.do July each year.
The event includes:
-Wedding at the Black Lake / July 12 /,
Organized on-going water orations in the early morning hours,
Cup-Black Lake-competition sport fishermen / July /,
Municipal-competition sport fishermen on Devil's Lake / June /,
-Competition sport fishing-Cup Tara / August / i
The competition-sports-fishermen retired to the Black Lake / August /.

Other competitions
- Snowboard- at the site of Karlica,
Mountain-biking on rugged terrain,
Other extreme-sports activities in collaboration with NGOs.
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