Biogradska Gora is a national park since 1952. Located on the north-eastern Montenegro, between rivers Tara and Lim, in the central part of the mountain Bjelasica, coveres an area of ​​5650 ha.

    Only six years after the declaration of Yellowstone's first national park in the world, Biogradska gora becomesa one of the protected territories. Protection of Biogradska gora, with the river basin and Biogradska Jezerštice, is dating from 1878. when this territory was Knjazev reserve - as a gift to the former ruler of Montenegro, Prince Nikola.

Bordered by mountain peaks, rugged valleys and streams, lakes decorated with beautiful, ornate ancient forests and pleasant meadows, the NP is a magnificent gift of nature.

    Landscape is extremely gentle, with a dominant green color due to the unique expanse of forest ecosystems, picturesque landscapes that alternate with meadow vegetation.

   The glacial landforms such as the high peaks over 2,000 m (Black Head - 2139 m) and glacier cirques and waves, with more glacial lakes provide unique beauty of the area.

    The most natural value of the NP Biogradska is mountain rainforest, which occupies an area of ​​1,600 ha and is one of the last three in Europe. It is strictly protected nature reserve.

    In the heart of the forest lies the beautiful Lake Biogradsko, the largest and most famous in a series of glacial lakes in the area of ​​the NP. In the clear lake water reflects the beauty of the ancient forest, giving it a blue-green color.

    Sights of forest reserve, other natural assets and landscape beauty of NP candidates this area for inclusion in the World's natural heritage and environmental program'' International Man and Biosphere''.

    History in this region has left deep scars. Cultural and historical heritage of NP Biogradska gora are archaeological sites, religious monuments, national building. Many indigenous objects of folk architecture in the villages and pastures: houses, log cabins, towers, mills, are scattered along the edge of forest reserve of mountain Bjelasica.

Very picturesque and attractive working pastures Pešića holes, Vranjak, Šiška, Vragodo. In summer, the slopes and pastures come alive.

    Kolasin is a tourist destination where it is possible to stay in all seasons, especially winter and summer. There is snow cover 70 to 120 days.

    Biogradska Gora National Park is very rich in natural beauty. It is often said that the NP is treasure of beauty. Special beauty of this park are the lakes that are deployed in the valleys and bays: Biogradsko lake, Lake Pesic, two Ursulovačka and Sisko lake. The natural beauty of the park and the mountain peaks in Bjelasica: Head black, Zekovaglava, Troglava and others.

    Rich in wildlife and natural beauty of the National Park Biogradska gora has made it very interesting and attractive to many scientists and scientific observation and study, as well as tours and visits to nature lovers.


   The administration building Biogradska gora in Kolasin, you can watch a movie on the NP as well as slides of plants, animals and landscapes. There is also a gift shop with promotional material, brochures and postcards.


   Tourists who wish to stay in NP can stay in one of 12 bungalows in the vicinity of Lake Biogradsko. Each bungalow has two wooden beds and other elements for a pleasant stay, perfectly fitting into the landscape. Restaurant Biogradsko Lake is located in the park and offers nacional kitchen. It has an open terrace with 170 seats.


The tour is organized around NP in two directions for bigger tourist groups:

I Kolasin - Kraljevo kolo - Lake Biograd
- A few centuries old ecosystem arrival at Lake Biograd
Walk along the regulated recreational path around the lake with a length of 3.3 km
if requesteds, it is possible to paddle in a wooden boat on the lake.
II Kolasin - River Musovica - Jezerine (Beach)


   At the site Biogradska gora and its protected teritory cultural and historical heritage is made up of unexplored archaeological sites - a necropolis, toponyms and sacred monuments dating from the 19th Ages. The contact zone of the Park - traditional architecture, pastures, monuments and features of World War II.


   With well-marked trails you can get to the destination and the highest lake (Black Head, Zekova head Troglava, Pesic, Sisko and Ursulovačka) and camp in designated areas. One can rent a guide service. One of the most famous mountain marked transversal CT-1, determined in 1987, the total length of 120 km, passes through these realms as well. It is possible to cross the road in its total length of 6 days and the part that covers the Bjelasica and Biogradska mountains in three days.

MOUNTAIN ROUTE transversal CT-1

   Marked mountain transversal CT-1  passes through Bjelasica. This transfersal was opened in 1987, a total length of 120 km leads to the most beautiful mountains of the continental part of Montenegro. The starting point is the movement of the Children's Veruša resort, where the mountain continues through Kuci, nebulae, Komovi, Bjelasica and Sinjavina and ends in Zabljak. Ii is marked with 22 control points. With moderate movement, it can take you  6 days for entire route.

I Mojkovac - Pržišta - Brskovo - Mountain Lodge - Pobrđe - Vrioci - Marinkovac - Bjelogrivac 1970 - Wet Field - Katun Kojanovac - Sisko Lake - Ševarine - Blatina - Ursulovačka Lake - Black Head 2139th
Mojkovac II - Laništa - Capricorn a contest - Razvršje 2033 - 2008 Black pool - Svatovsko Cemetery - Black Head 2139th
III Kolasin - Mušovića River - Jezerina - Katun Vranjak - Troglava - Sources Biogradska River - Black Head 2139th
IV Kolasin - Kraljevo kolo - Lake Biograd - troughs - Bendovac - Katun Riva - Ocka 1947 - Black Head 2139th
V Andrijevica - Slatina - Razvršje 1305 - Gradišnica - Vranje Chapter 1779 - Pobodenjak 1839 - Jokov grave - Pogana Chapter 1828 - Pool 1706 - Sedlačka worse - Pešića Lake - Black Head 2139th
VI Kolasin - Mateševo ​​- Beech Square - Jablanovo Hill 1544 - Pivljen 1495 - Lacina Water 1973 - Jars - ckal - Gorge 1827 - Crossroads - Troglava - Zekova head - Black Head 2139th
VII Berane - Pesce - Upper Lužac - Praćevac - Lubnice - Karikuće - Planinasrk home - Desin worse - Ursulovačka Lake - Black Head 2139th
VIII Bijelo Polje - Flat River - Majstorovina 961 - Turjak 1912th Bjelogrivac 1970 - Ogorelica - Sisko lake - Lake Ursulovačka - Head black 2139th
IX Bijelo Polje - Brzava - Prijelozi - Battlefield - Pool Čuka 1826 - Strmni fall 2050 - Potrkovo - White Water - Strmenica 2122 - Ogorelica - Sisko lake - Lake Ursulovačka - Head black 2139th

For Kolasin are related interesting winter events: entertainment, sports and culture.
• "Hot winter in the hills" - entertainment, sports and cultural events. It is held in Zabljak, Kolasin, Niksic, Berane, Bijelo Polje and Rozaje.
Organizer: Ministry of Tourism and TOCG
• "The Montenegrin ski fest", Kolasin, Organizer: Ski Center Bjelasica.
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