National Park, the fifth national park in Montenegro was proclaimed in 2009. year. It covers an area 16 630 ha and includes two nature reserves: Volušnicu and Hridsko lake. Protection zones around the park is 6252 ha.

    To the north is limited with Gusinjsko-Plav valley, on south with high mountain ridges and the Albanian border, in the west with river Grnčar and on east with mountains Bogićevica.

   The main features of Prokletije which led to the declaration of areas of national importance are typical limestone landscape and natural beauty. Rocks that were formed in the Oligo-Miocene, the limestone and dolomite composition. The relief of the high peaks and abundant forms of karst (cave, caves, bays, etc.). Very sharp peaks and steep slopes make the area inaccessible. Highest points are evil Kolata (2534 m), Maja Kolata (2528 m) and Maja e Rosit (2524 m). The highest peak is Jezerski Vrh (2692 m) and is the highest peak of the Dinara mountain.

    Between the mountains Visitor and prokletije there is Plavsko Lake, which is located in the municipality of Plav. It is a glacier lake at a height of 906 m above sea level. The direction of the lakeis north-south, length of 2160 m, 920 m wide with a maximum depth of 9 m. From the lake outflows the river Lim.

    Peak ofZla Kolata, 2534 m high, is located in Montenegro near the Albanian border, and is the highest peak of Montenegro.
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