Kolasin is city founded by the Turks in the seventeenth century. Beside him are flowing always restless rivers Tara and Moraca, and surrounded on all sides by mountains. Sinjajevina, Bjelasica, Kljuc and Vučje surround this small town. Kolasin is located at 954 m above sea level and offers excellent vacation both in winter and summer. Because of its altitude and climate, Kolasin is considered to be air spa. A special attraction for tourists is Biogradsko Lake located in the Park "Biogradska gora" which is one of the 3-preserved forests in Europe. Biogradsko Lake is at 1094 m above sea level, surrounded by hiking trails are maintained.


The conditions for tourism development today are much more favorable. There used to be, though, in the same place canyon Morača, Tara, Mrtvica, high peaks of the surrounding mountains and beautiful lakes - "mountain eyes", rainforest Bjelasica, besides Perucica in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Pusca in Poland, only one in Europe. Now, however, are furnished ski resorts, hotels and motels for a pleasant stay, roads and trails that make  all the beauty accessible.

The offer is varied, can satisfy the tastes and needs of young and old, those who want serenity and those drawn by the magic of adventure and excitement.

Just staying in this area it provides all the benefits of air spa. The mountain climate, altitude and clear air, with a healthy natural food, guarantee refreshments and  recovery.

For those who are moderate, the choice of walking tours is almost endless, just as for ambitious and challenging hiking ventures. In addition to the above mentioned trail that lead to Biogradska gora, from Kolasin there are also other directions to go to attractive destinations. to Šljivovica, Ćirilovac and Kljuc, with analtitude of 1973 meters, whatever road you take, you will see  beautiful landscapes, mountain springs, sights of mountains Bjelasica, Prokletije, Komovi, Sinjavina.

Visit ancient monasteries and other cultural and historical treasures - the chance to renew old and acquire new knowledge.

Deep Tara Canyon Rafting offers a premium experience and extraordinary excitement. If you go from Kolasin, you can select rafting tours - of 15.20 or even 98 kilometers and in different "packages" for the less daring and bold.

For those seeking for the thrill of flying-paragliding is the right choice - Kolasin offers a chance for a man to feel like a bird.

For hunters and fishermen here is heaven on earth, and visit to mountain pastures, horse riding and camping complement the rich assortment for tourists.

Fans of winter spells and snow sport are welcome in Jezerine ski center with 15 kilometers of trails for comfortable skiing for day and night as they are illuminated by floodlights. This ski center is covered with snow even during the swimming season on the coast. There is two-seat ski lift is 1840 meters long and four ski lifts. from an altitude of 1880 meters down leads a path which is two miles long with an altitude difference of 460 meters, with a partial  inclination of 60 degrees. For those less adept skiing, it is sufficient the remaining 12 kilometers of trails where anyone can find a slope that suits him.

Logistics for all of this is offered by hotels, motels, guesthouses, restaurants, mountain huts ...

The best known and most luxurious among them in Kolašin is four-star hotel "Bianca Resort & Spa" with 102 rooms, 15 suites, a total of 234 beds.

Motel "Kolašin" is located on Babljak along Adriatic highway, motel "Morača" is near the monastery Morača.
At the saddle of Crkvine, at an altitude of about 1.100 meters, there is a hunting lodge, which is not only a restaurant but also a small gazebo and a nature and hunting museum.

There are more and more new tourist facilities and boarding houses with private ownership. Among them are the hotels "Garni" with two stars, villa "jelka" also with two stars, "Zlatni Do", "Kod Otaša" ...

Restaurant "Savardak" is on the way to ski center Jezerine, restaurant "Biogradsko jezero" is in the National Park Biogradska Gora, close to the lake whose name it bears.

In Kolasin accommodation also offer hotel "Brile," Youth hostel and the Highlanders, boarding house "Otkole", hotel "Chile" three star hotel, boarding house "Vila Kraljica,", apartmants "Savardak" as well as private accommodation. The supply is growing every day.
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