Ethno and eco villages


One of the most beautiful villages in Montenegro, Pošćenje, hides the beautiful ethnic village "Nevidio". For nature lovers and adrenaline addicts, this is the perfect place for a perfect holiday. Four cycling trails from 4.5 to 22 kilometers, 7 hiking trails that include tours of two to 12 hours, canyons Grabovica, Pridvorice, Komarnica and Nevidio, last won in Europe are just some of the facilities that are expecting visitors in this ethnic village. The shortest hiking tour includes the descent to the end of the canyon Nevidio while 12-hour tour includes a visit to Bobotov kuk and back into the village through Dobri do. It should be noted also 29 roks for sport climbing. These are a few rocks on Boljske grede for classic alpinism, which are high up to 700 meters and is currently the climbing hit. In addition, one "ferata" is in preparation in Boljske grede, which will be trained next year and will allow anyone who wants to pass  the hardest rock safely.


The village has 36 beds located in stone houses decorated with wooden accents. Thanks to the climate and the material of which the houses are built, the temperature in them is often lower for about 15 degrees.

Savardak Restaurant offers all national dishes.

For fans of fishing, the rivers have trout, while in lakes are represented carp and catfish. This area is very attractive for hunters since it is rich with partridge and of venison are blunted bears, wolves, chamois and wild boar. Ferrets have become almost domesticated animals that you can often see in the restaurant, looking for a bite.

Address: Pošćenje, Šavnik (30 meters from the main road Risan-Zabljak)


For the last fifteen years, on the twelfth kilometer of regional road-Pluzine Zabljak, in village Trsa is an ethnic village Milogora.At first on Piva mountain at an altitude of 1450m there was just a nice tavern where drinks were served, and which was turned into ethnic village with great efforts of the owner Dusan Jokanovic. In summer days, this village offers a number of attractions that will arouse the interest of every guest and passenger. Horse riding, nature, bikeing, rafting on river Tara and exciting adventures give a special spirit of this ethnic village. In addition, it also offers various excursions (boating on Lake Piva, photo safaris - jeep tours of Durmitor Ring, walking tours with guides, visiting cultural and historical monuments), bungalows, camping (five double bungalows and cottages each with eight beds), best culinary specialties of the traditional brewer (of which the most interesting are steamed lamb and beer from the snow during the entire summer), ...


Geographic location of Trsa allows each visitor to enjoy the natural beauty. At the slopes of Durmitor you can experience in a day the unspoiled nature of the canyon of Piva, Tara and Susica.

Location: Trsa-Žabljak 42 km, Trsa-Plužine 12 km, Podgorica Trsa-122 km, Trsa-Sarajevo 135 km.


At an altitude of 1 600 m is the shepherd pasture Goles. From Trebaljevo village is 12 km far, from the center of Kolasin 18 km. It has five eco huts with two beds and an eco cottage with five beds. From pasture to Biograd Lake, Vranjak and Crna Glava are three marked trails. Tourists have the opportunity to hear the barking of dogs, birds, sheep bell, crickets, etc..


Food is prepared in a separate hut, and for the preparation of food a housewife pasture is responsible. Our food is top: lamb cooked in milk, roast lamb, gruel, popara, polenta, fritters, homemade cream, corn bread, homemade Kolašin cheese, cow's and sheep's yoghurt, homemade blueberry juice, honey. All products produced for Goles, such as natural juice of the blueberry, called, buckwheat, meat and dairy products, are treated under natural conditions. It is important to note that there are solar panels for heating.

Address: Village Trebaljevo, Kolasin


At an altitude over 900 meters, on the shores of Lake Plav in the military village of about 6.5 ha family estate Turković brothers, is Komnenovo ethnic village.

Village has the spirit of former times. All details and natural materials that were used to enliven the village, reminiscent of the lives of our ancestors and their native hearth.

Hotel "Kula Damjanova", on the shores of Lake Piva, pose a blend of stone and wood that will charm you. It has 85 beds in comfortable rooms and suites furnished in ethnic style.

In addition, guests can use the conference room with 50 seats and the restaurant part of which, together with a terrace, can accommodate over 300 guests.


For guests who are looking for recreation, in the offer will soon be a professional grass football pitch, and outfield for: football, basketball, volleyball, handball and two tennis courts, and trails for hiking and running in a completely unspoiled nature. Fans of horse riding are available and Tarini seedlings and hunters and anglers can enjoy guaranteed. We should not forget the paragliding for those looking for adrenaline moments.

As for the trip, there are organized caravans departing from the village, off-road vehicles that visit the most interesting and most beautiful regions: Ridsko Lake, Visitorsko Lake, valley Grebaje, Alipasina sources and all other landscapes accompanied by a technical expert on these areas.

Address: Military Village, Plav



Ethnic village Vukovic offers to visitors the possibility of various activities. Boating on artificial lake, horse riding, mauntin bike, tour of the surrounding attractive villages such as Barice, Barice, Stožer, Pisana jela, Novakovića caves and  Novakovića rocks, cca ten kilometers from the ethnic villages, with SUVs, trips on waterfall and river Lještanice rafting on the Tara and Lim will surely satisfy every visitor and make the desire to come back. Accommodation in ethno village is being renovated so that visitors are fully satisfied with the conditions.



Address: Rakonje bb, Bijelo Polje


Near the canyon of Komarnica is the first ethnic village in Montenegro - Montenegro. In addition to pristine nature, every visitor is able to see bungalows with an interesting concept, such as Medene, Canyon, Disney, Tihova ethnic cottages and more.

For connoisseurs is designed a national restaurant Komarnica where you can taste dishes of traditional Montenegrin cuisine (gruel, bread under the bell, polenta, fritters, lamb and milk in the famous beer cheese and cream).


Ethno village offers many tours and recreational activities, but your can also complement your vacation with a variety of educational programs, seminars, workshops, field trips and school in the countryside. The offer is such that it can meet the needs of both children and adults: Children's playroom, playground, small zoo, horseback riding, cycling, 80 km of hiking trails, 3 descent to the canyon Komarnica, 3 belvedere, the path mali Vojnik, trail of lovers, Tara
Rafting organized with licensed skippers and boats, riding the ring Durmitor, Piva lake rides, trips to Nevidio Canyon hikers with the Mountain Rescue Service.

Address: Brezna, Plužine (the thirtieth kilometer road Niksic - Plužine - Sarajevo)


Winner of "Bed & Bike" standards for Montenegro, an oasis of tranquility, clean air and untouched nature is placed in Rudnici. Ethno village "Izlazak" offers cottages (old stone cottage, apartment with bathroom, three four-bed wooden huts with bathrooms, five double cabin) located on the edge of the canyon. In the restaurant "Koliba Izlazak" you will be hosted by a friendly staff, and the menu includes a number of Montenegrin national cuisine. The restaurant also deployed three cascading terraces with an unforgettable view of blue Lake of Piva.


Within the ethnic villages are located a playroom (mini park) for children, indoor soccer and volleyball terain that are far enough not to disturb the peace of guests accommodated in huts.

This area abounds in many places perfect for hiking, biking, horseback riding, hiking, hunting and fishing. "Izlazak" offers rafting on Tara, Piva lake cruises, jeep and foto safaris, and for fans of motorcycling. We should mention one of the four most attractive biking, jeep safari trails and paths for bikers in Montenegro, which passes through the village and is charted in the tourist map of Montenegro.

Address: Village Rudnice, Plužine


Located in Njegusi, where Petar II Petrovic Njegos was born, ethnic village Kadmi attracts visitors with comfortable accommodation, good local food and wonderful atmosphere. An essential part of every visit is the restaurant which can accommodate 120 guests, in which the smoked ham and smoked cheese specialties are unavoidable, and also other national dishes. "Kadmi" has ten bungalows with 60 beds. You can spice up your holiday with long walks, horseback riding, biking, hiking, hunting and fishing. Njeguši and ethno village "Kadmi" provide moments to remember.


Adsress: Njeguši, Cetinje


At an altitude of 1050 meters on the slopes of Pivska mountain in Crkvicko Field, is an eco-village Yugoslavia. The idyllic atmosphere of the village and untouched nature attract tourists who are looking for peace and quiet. The village has seven bungalows (total 20 beds) - log cabins, comfortably furnished and each with its own bathroom. These are double, four bed, and bungalows with double bed that blends into the landscape. Of course, you can try Montenegrin national cuisine in the restaurant  of eco village "Yugoslavia", which also serve naturally grown products from this area. For more active visitor is offered a number of activities: rafting on Tara, Piva lake cruises, hiking, visiting the pasture, cycling, horse riding. Of course, unavoidable are also visits to the cultural and historical monuments and monasteries - Soko grad, Piva monastery Ostrog, and drive to Zabljak of attractive "Durmitor Ring" and panoramic tours. In the village there is also space for camping.


Location: Crkvičko Polje, Plužine


Eko katun Vranjak is located on the border of National Park Biogradska Gora, at 1750 meters above sea level.

Houses made ​​of wood in the traditional style of this area, can accommodate two people.

In the offer of Katun Vranjak are local food and activities such as walking, driving on Bjelasica by bike and much more. During the summer, visitors pastures are able to enjoy riding horses and instead of saddles, are used wooden handmade "samari", that have been used for centuries in the north of Montenegro.



Location: Kolašin

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