Famous palace of noble famiy Drago is located in Sveti Tripun square, diagonally oriented with respect to it, north of the cathedral, next to episcopal palace.

It consists of two wings, the one in south, towards the cathedral, has largely retained the characteristics of mature Gothic - double windows, trefoil, relief tympanum, several family coats of arms of the dragon as a symbol of the basic and other stylistic elements. Some constructive-decorative details, such as trefoil storey on the east facade, was reconstructed according to dates found recently.

Especially nice are the consoles in vaulted passage under the palace. These are, in fact, half-capital, with floral decorations, heads of angels and family coats of arms, all done in semi-deep relief in the manner of mature Gothic from 15. century, when the palace was built.
Interior of the palace was partially restored with the original appearance. Based on the found data, the major "Gothic" hall with wooden ceiling with fan beams spaced profiled was reconstructed.

Newer wing of the palace, the one directed towards the square, is from the Baroque era. In itt was used a secondary door on the second floor balcony with a beautiful carved Gothic frontispiece, taken from the older part of the palace.
Nowadays in the palace is situated the Regional Office for the Protection of Cultural Monuments.
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