Opposite the main gate on the spacious Square of Weapons rises town Clock tower. It is a robust three-story masonry built in technique "bunjato", massive stone blocks concave edges. This technique of building was popular during the Renaissance, but is retained during the Baroque period.
The tower was built in 1602 during the Venetian regent Antonio Grimaldi, whose initials are engraved on the emblem above the front door on which was written also the year 1602. It is believed that at that point in the Middle Ages there was a pillar of shame (Torrisi torturae) on which today is reminiscent, although restored, stone pyramid in front of the tower.
The tower has a ground floor, two floors and an open loggia that housed the clock mechanism. Floors are emphasized with horizontal cornices. Two facades, south and west, are visible, while the other two are drowned in a neighboring building. On the second floor are two round dials. On the west facade, facing the gate, there were carved several inscriptions  with admirable motto and texts relating to the Venetian. Some are knocked off during the time of Venetian rule, to prevent the cult of individual personalities. Until today, only two inscriptions were preserved - one relating to regent Kontarina Antonio, and others most likely to A.Grimaldi, who was credited for the construction of this tower.
In number of earthquakes, especially in the last one in 1979, the tower has bend on the west side, about 20 cm vertically. Further bending process is stopped by providing its foundation.
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