In the area of Herceg Novi, from Njivice to the cape Mačak on peninsula Lustica, has about 70 registered beaches. Although Herceg Novi has not particularly attractive natural beaches, in recent years has been invested a lot in terms of their furniture and equipment, which is a special quality in this segment of offers.


BEACH NJIVICE - (Queen's Beach)

Public beach. It is located in the resort Njivice, which is 4 km away from Herceg Novi. Beach area is 21.600 m2 and is a combination of rocks, sand and partly concrete. Better known as a beach of hotel "Riviera". It is fully equipped (water, electricity, toilets, showers, parking, restaurant).

(Muddy beach)

Public beach. It is located in Sutorina, the largest beach in the area of ​​our municipality, the area coveres 9000 m2, composition is made of sand and it is very healing sand, or rather mud. Not enough equipped.


Public beach. Made of concrete, 150 m long and covers 2,500 m2. It is fully equipped.


One of the most attractive public beaches, and the last  year, one of two the top rated beaches in the municipality in all surveys of tourists, heaped with sand, area of ​​3,000 m2, fully furnished and equipped.


Public beach. It is located in Topla, near the tennis courts. It is a sandy the area of ​​1,500 m2. Partially equipped.

(Near the tunnel)

Public beach. Sometimes called LOVĆEN. The combination of sand and gravel, surface of 450 m2. Partially equipped.


Public beach. The combination of concrete and sand, fully furnished and equipped in terms of infrastructure and services. The fact that the beach has three parts show that it was really paid attention to satisfaction of all guests. One part is designed for children and it is sandy with little depth. The second part is concrete with complete beach furniture and full service of restaurant staff. The third part of the beach is for guests who are involved in certain sports, so in that part is field for football, basketball, and may be used in almost all water sports.

On the beach are exclusive restaurant, pizzeria, patisserie and night club so the party on this beach takes place during the night. It is near the harbor. In recent years, it is rated as the best beach in the municipality in all surveys of tourists.


Public beach. Former main public beach - former beach of the famous hotel "Boka" - concrete, surface of 1.000 m2. It is located in the port. Sufficiently equipped.

Public beach, with medium fine sand, with gravel, surface of 2.400 m2. It is located in the port, beneath the fortress Forte Mare. Sufficiently equipped.


Žanjice is located on the peninsula Luštica. Beach Žanjice can be reached by sea or land. As a favorite resort, during the summer there are a large number of picnic boats and private boats from Herceg Novi which transport tourists to this beach. The distance is about 4 nm. If you go by land from Herceg Novi you have to go through Tivat, Krašići and Radovići. The special feature of this beach is completely natural environment. Immediately behind the beach there are olive trees that offer shade and allow you to enjoy also during the hottest part of the day.


On the peninsula Luštica there are many coves where there are beaches, completely natural, or seemed by men more or less to suit for needs of tourists. It is definitely needed to single out Mirište, Rose and Dobreč as most popular tourist resorts of Herceg Novi. Mirište is located in a cove of the same name, between the bay Žanjice and cape Mirišta. The beach is partly sandy and partly concrete blended harmoniously with nature. There is a restaurant.


At the tip of peninsula Luštica is a fishing village Rose. It is preserved the original appearance of the village which gives it a special beauty and attractiveness. It is considered one of the most beautiful places on the Herceg Novi Riviera. The beach is sandy and rocky with outstanding natural hinterland. It can be reached by sea and land.


At the entrance to the Bay on the peninsula Luštica is the beach Dobreč. This beach can be reached only by sea. With no access roads to the hinterland of mainland beach is completely natural without any human influence. To preserve the natural beauty and create a harmony with the background, all objects on the beach are made entirely of stone and wood. The fact that this beach is one of the first winners of the Blue Flag - the highest recognition for excellence that a beach can get, shows how much care was taken of all elements.

Besides these, in a large number of bays in Luštica there are several very attractive beaches such as Pirat, Porto et al.
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