is a small town with an old fortress called Kastel, beautiful beaches, comfortable hotels and luxuriant nature. It is located in a spatial valley 18 km from Budva with hills on both sides which go deeply into the sea, and from the sea it is separated by two sandy beaches. Petrovac was founded in the Roman age, and it is supposed that it was a stop on a Roma road along the Adriatic shore. From that period there are only two remaining of a roman mosaic in village Miriste. The ancient name for this place was Lastva, and it was mentioned for the first time in Ljetopis Popa Dukljanina (The Chronicle of the Priest of Dukla).

In 16th century Venetians built a fortress called Castio in Petrovac, and from that period till the end of the FWW the place was called Castel-Lastva, or just Castio. In this region a warehouse was located and it was used as storage for and other products that were exported from there by ships.

Today’s settlement started forming at the end of 18th century and beginning of the 19th century and today it represents an attractive tourist place. In front of Petrovac there is   an island called Katic with a small church named Sv Nedelja (St. Sunday) which, as the legend says, was built by a sailor, who found his salvation on the island after a shipwreck. At the most prominent cape on the west side of Petrovac, running away from the kidnapers a girl named Ruza (Rose) jumped into the sea in order to remain faithful to his fiancé Stevan. The Cape got its name by her and it is known as Skoci djevojka (Jump Girl).


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