Vladimir’s cross is kept in Androvic brotherhood as the most important relic. Every year on Holy Trinity day, the cross is taken to the top of Rumija, to the place where,according to tradition, a church was located. Among the people,there was a custom that all participants of  the procession take a stone, as according to tradition the church will rebuild itself, if there are enough stones.Participants in the procession belong to all three religions.

After the destruction of St. Mary church, the cross was found and it is even today in possession of Androvic brotherhood. The cross is 45 cm high,38 cm wide and 2,5 cm thick, it is made of wood and decorated with gold-plated leaves from outside. The place where it’s kept is only known by two oldest family members.

The cross is related to the Duke of Duklja - Vladimir (980-1016) and Krajina(ostros) used to be his historical capital. In the war with the Macedonian emperor Samuelat  in 997, Duke Vladimir was captured  and taken to a dungeon in Prespa. Duke Samuel’s daughter fell in love with handsome Duke of Duklja who seemed to her ’sweeter than honey  and the honey comb’, and she told her father that if he didn’t marry her to Vladimir,she would jump in the lake.They soon got married and lived in a castle,not far from Precista Krajinska Monastery on Skadar lake.

After his death, Samuelat was succeeded by Vladislav, and he soon invited Duke Vladimir to visit him in Prespa,and as a sign that nothing will happen to him,he sent him golden cross. Knowing  that Vladimir is not trustworthy, Duke Vladimir asked him to  send him wooden cross, because ’on the wooden cross the Saviour was crucified’. Vladislav sent three monks with the wooden cross, but  as soon as Vladimir came to Prespa he was killed in front of the church. At the moment of execution he had the wooden cross in his hands, and he was buried with the same cross in Prespa.

Vladimir’s wife Kosara transferred his body to Precista Krajina Monastery, became a nun, and after her death, at her own request, she was buried next to the Duke. The Duke Vladimir is declared a saint.





Legend of fairies, fairies coins and fairies cave is related to the location of Asprice,on the slopes of Sutorman, in a rocky,rich in with water and wood mountain above Bar. Fairies lived everywhere in the mountains, but their real residence was a cave,which is named after them - Fairies cave. It is very inaccessible, in a rock below the top of  Sutorman –Lonac (1004m). According to tradition no one ever managed to get into the cave except Ivo Dragusic from Limljani(in XIX c). Acording to the story he told his heirs, when he climbed down into the cave  using the rope that was attached to the tree, in the first part of the cave there was a round table made of stone, the other part of the cave he couldn’t see and he was forbidden to get in, because the curse could fall on the whole village.

Legend says,and people talked about it from generation to generation that the beautiful and diligent fairies where glad to help disabled, lonely and all unhappy people,finishing all the jobs that they couldn’t, or didn’t know how to, during the night. Fairies would give advice to people, criticise and console them, they took care of numerous Sutorman water - wells, they would revenge and clearly warn dishonest people, spend their time with sheppards and look after cattle. However, on one occasion, a fairy was seen by some villagers as she was returning from a man who lived alone and she helped him to prepare food. For this reason fairies decided to leave the place and stay in their cave, as according to tradition they mustn’t be seen during the day. The fairy who was seen then said ’As sure as I live, we cannot stay here anymore’. Leaving, they left behind their mountain and their cave and threw fairies coins, so that anyone who was going that way and found at least one coin would be happy.

It isn’t easy to spot and find fairies  coins,as it isn’t easy to find happiness.

Besides unusual and memorable experience, challenge to find some of fairies coins and fairies caves, excursion into the history of legend, the location of fairies coins and cave is very attractive, rich in numerous rapid mountain streams that are used for improving people’s health, with an air of high value due to oak ad beech woods on Sutorman.




At the location of village Brijege in Crmnica, hidden from time and human eye there is a small finding of  red wine coloured crystals – garnet minerals.Garnets are the size of peppercorns, they have 16 planes with satellite,each of them is the same,and belongs to the same group-spesarina.

Acccording to legend, back in the Old Century in the period of grapes harvest, first young wine that was poured out, was carried by a virgin in an ewer and she  poured it out all over the wood as a sign of gratitude of Earth Goddess. The girl who was carrying the ewer on her head was overtaken by darkness. The moonlight couldn’t light her way so the girl got lost. Finding herself in unknown areas, full of dark shadows, the girl froze, the ewer broke to pieces, and on the places where the wine was spilt the the ground produced red wine coloured granets.

Former tradition was broken and the new one was established, and as an amulet for fertility of grapes fruit, crystalls  of garnet are collected and kept in first ewer of young wine.




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