The place you must see in Budva is the Island of Sveti Nikola (St. Nikola) which is connected with the shore by sandbank, sometimes not deeper than half a meter. According to legend, when St. Sava was on his way to the Holly Land, he couldn’t board on the ship because of the big waves so he was throwing stones with which he made shallow water and managed to board onto the ship. The island St Nikola or how the locals like to call it Skolj is covered by tick Mediterranean flora, mostly evergreen trees. It represents a real bird empire, and it is also rich with small wild animals. Special attractions are the musk oxen which inhabit the wooded part of the island. Church of St Nikola is located on the island and that is why island got its name. The Church is surrounded with a lot of graves, in which, as the legend says, are buried the participants of the Crusade who caught an epidemic while camping in Budva. There you can also find the remains of an old cemetery where according to legend, are buried Crusaders of Ray Turkish who passed thrown Budva in XI c.

As a special attraction and an interesting thing are the deer which live here in their natural habitat. The island is less then 1 km far from the town and you can get there with taxi boats. The island consists of three sandy beaches, whose total length is 840 m and it is covered by a variety of Mediterranean herbs.

The edges of the island are steeply falling into the sea, and there you can find a few coves which are ideal for romantic tourists. The most beautiful beaches are on it south side where you can come only by boat.

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