Bijela is located 13 km from Herceg Novi, it has more than 4000 residents. Its present name is mentioned in 14th century. There is a well known “Jadran Shipyard”. Bijela has a  Cultural centre, built in 1988 with capacity of 523 seats, with summer stage with 300 seats.

Sacral monuments are:

• Church Riza Bogorodice - The church was originally built in 12th century, which is early Romanticism, although it even considered to be older. Wall of the old church with its basis is presented on very adequate way in the present church, so it could be seen over glassy surface which is fitted on the floor of the present church. The interior old apse is illustrated with Byzantic style frescoes, painted in late 12th century and beginning 13th century and they present the most important sacral element of the church
• Church St. Gospodja (18th century)
• Catholic Church St. Petar - Fragments with text emphasize the  time of short domination of the Frankish Empire in this region, around 805 when the first Benedictine convent was erected which was destroyed by Mongolians in 1242. According to present evidence st.Petar church was built on a former site of Benedictine monastery
Church St. Vraci (built in 1904)
Church St. Petar (located on hill Klin).

In Bijela there are many active sports clubs, and the most famous are waterpolo club”Brodoremont” former top league club, football club “Bilela”, female basket ball club “Bijela”.

Bjelske Krusevice is a nearby settlement, well known because Pope Sixto V is originally from this place.

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