It is located 8 km from Herceg Novi. Its name comes from the name of Đonović in 1540., and was eventually transformed into the present name. It has 1500 inhabitants, and the surface is the smallest town in our community. In Đenovići there is a Cultural Center built in 1985 with  the hall of 210 seats.

Religious monuments:

Church of St. Spiridon, built in 1867. Since this church was builtthe church Sv. Stefan is not in function, and the valuable collection of icons and the doors of the church, works of Petar and Georgije Rafailovic from the 18thcentury are kept in the church of Sv. Spiridon.
Church of St. Simeon Bogoprimac (built around 1600. year)
Church of St. Nikola (19th c.).

Active sports clubs  swimming water polo club "Riviera", a club with long tradition, and Bowling club of the same name. The place has a regulated swimming pool.
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