Church and Monastery of St. Djordje "Sanctus Georgius de Gulf" is located on the eastern island of the two islands of Perast, with an area of 2 800 m2. The first mention is of the archive from the 1166 when Ivan, the abbot of St. Jurja, attended the consecration of the new, the second Romanesque church of St. Tryphon in Kotor. However, according to the findings of the ornaments of the church, it is assumed that the Benedictine monks lived there since the ninth century, when there are several places on the coast.

The appearance of the old church was not preserved, except for some details (Renaissance capitals, part of the large pillars, etc.) because it was destroyed by attackers, and earthquakes, especially the strong earthquake of 1667. After the earthquake, it was built a simple church with a unique collection of heraldic symbol on the graves of ancient Perast families. Church of St. Djordje was the town cemetery until 1866., when the new one was built, in the northern part of Perast. The monastery had the fate of the monastery church, and is also a simple building, which the Venetians, the French and Austrians used as a military fort, building walls and battlements around the complex. This tradition extends to the Illyrians and the Romans who had a fortress there, and entrusted to people of Perast its safekeeping.

In the old church were more paintings, painted in 1327 ("Quod pingatur in ecclesia S. Georgii imagines Virginis Mariae, Sanctorum Nicolai et Johannis Baptistae"), and in 1457. Kotor by the famous painter Lovro Marinov Dobricevic ("imagines Certas depixerat sanctorum").

On the island there are graves of Illyrian, Roman inscriptions and Roman fragments. The fact that in Perast there was a large number of artisans and seamen in the early times, must be connected with a feature of their education. In the Diocesan Archive in Kotor, there is information from 1431. year, which in Benedictine monastery states eight, and adding "a lot more old books."
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