Our Lady of the Rosary - Our Lady of the Rosary Chapel was built by Andrija Zmajević in 1678. as its mausoleum. On the church and the bell tower of the palace, are recognizable the stylistic features of the Renaissance and Baroque. Next to the church is a slender octagonal bell tower which is one of the most beautiful on the Adriatic coast, and is assumed to be done by Andrija Zmajević's designs.

St. Jovan the Baptist - located in the western part of Perast, along the old road. It is mentioned for the first time in  documents from 1595. and it belonged to the medieval "confraternity of wounds of the Lord." One bell dates from the 1596. The facade is simple with a nice molded portal over which there is a small rosette.

St. Ana
- is situated about 300 m from the fortress of Perast.
It is not known the exact year of construction, but Drago Martinovic (1697-1781) in his Chronicle says that it is ancient ("antichissima") and that around it are houses. It was noted that in 1693. altar burnt and new one was made. According to the book of accounts of St. Ana church, and especially the rare signature that Tripo Kokolj left in the bottom of the altar frescoes can be established that the church was painted in 1708. Dimensiones of the church are 5x3 m, it is arched and covered with stone slabs. The facade of the church is just a small bell tower.

St. Marko - is located in Penčić near the palace Smekja. Small church - the mausoleum in honor of the Virgin, St. Ana, St. Matej and St. Marko evangelists, was raised by Matej Štukanović. The facade is flanked by two high pilasters, ending Corinthian capitals. In the middle of the gable roof is a small rosette, and on the pediment are sculptures: the Risen Christ, St. Petar with the keys and St. Marko with the Gospel in his hand. Behind the church on the back wall is bell tower. The inside of the church was fully adapted in 1959 as a storage for IMK JADRAN.  The only preserved tombs are of brothers with damaged coat of arms and fraternity 's common grave. In the church, among others, are buried Matija Štukanović, archbishop of Bar and Andja, wife of Admiral Matej Zmajević.

St. Antun - located high above the coast, near the fortress of Perast. The church was builtby Mazarovići in 1679. Together with the church was built a convent for the Franciscans of the Venetian province. They came in 1636. by invitation of  Perast people for the opening of schools for elementary and nautical education. They dealt with medicine and had its own pharmacy. The Baroque church of St. Antun on the front, next to the portal, has two elliptical windows. Until the nineteenth century he church had organ. The monastery had a rich library. One part of the books is transferred to the Franciscan Library in Kotor.

The Orthodox Church - Church of the Holy Virgin Birth - It was built in 1757.
and restored in 1864. The church has one nave altar on the arch, segmental arched windows to the altar niche. It has erected a wooden choir or porch, the impact of coastal style. Otherwise, the church is built in Byzantine style and it has a significant iconostasis.

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