The original name of Island St. Marko was St. Gabriel, after the church of the same name whose origins are not in written documents. The legend of the island is rooted in the 7th century, when the gods bestowed the Greek island  upon the brave warriors who will stand in the fighting and battles. According to legend, exhausted and wounded Greek soldiers on their fleets arrived on the island to rest and heal wounds. Enchanted by the beauty of the island, different kinds of flowers, endless sea and pine trees that surrounded them, they quickly recovered and enjoyed the blessings of nature. The time passed and Greek soldiers started to feel blame for everything that they committed during the fighting, so they prayed to the gods. In their prayers, among other things, they mentioned the island where they spend their days after the war to forever remain an oasis of peace and tranquility. Then they vow that will not go into conquests, but would only defend themselves if they are attacked. On behalf of the profession on the island were planted olive-trees of peace, from which later emerged an olive garden.

Not long after the Greek gave the word, they trampled it. Angry and cheated the gods sent a great storm of the spear. The storm raged for days, crashing down and submerging the entire fleet of Greek ships. Very few warriors managed to survive and to get to the island on rafts. However, when gods spotted them, they decided to send them an incurable disease from which they all died. The only thing left on the island to testify about that time and the terrible event that befell the Greek soldiers, were the olive trees that were planted by Greek soldiers.

Due to the tragic death of the Greek soldiers, natives of Tivat decided to call the island, instead of St. Gabriel, Stradioti (stradiotes-soldier).
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