(Island of Flowers)

Prevlaka (Island of Flowers) is a small island, only 300 m long. Historically this island is attractive for the remains of the Monastery of St. Arhanđel Mihailo.

The island is connected to the story of countess Ekaterina Vlastelinović, married for the wealthy Ilija Veselinović from Risan. In her 25th year Katerina becomes a widow and vows to never marry again. For 400 gold coins she buys a third of Prevlaka from the offspring of Kotor's Druško family. All the wealth and inheritance she used for the reconstruction of destroyed religious buildings to the spear. Thanks to her was erected the church of Sv. Trojica. Although she never wore a uniform, she became a nun and founder of the monastery. Lady of high style chose the asceticism for the rest of her life. At the end of her life she bequeathed all hier property to Peter II Petrovic Njegos, with whom during life was often in contact, just like with St. Petar of Cetinje. She died of an unknown killer, on March 2 1842 on Prevlaka where she stll rests.
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