Przno is an old fishermen settlement. It’s located in the heart of Pastrovici, in the most beautiful part of Budva bay, 7 km away from Budva, surrounded with hills and beautiful Milocer Park. Fullness of trees and other tropical vegetation enriches air with beautiful smell, which represents unique air-spa in the area of Budva Riviera.

The climate is mild and sunny during the summer season, from May to October. In front of the Przno beach, there are three cliffs – Krsici that protects the beach from big waves and strong wind. One of them has an old construction, even the oldest locals don’t know if that was in use and reliable, it can be said that is a watchtower which was on all Pastrovici beaches and it served to protect from Turkish pirates who were located in Ulcinj.

After the Second World War in Przno, famous painters like Marko Celebanovic, Milo Milunovic, Vuko Radovic gather and had a holidays as well as writers who liked this beautiful place and used this place as an inspiration.

Today, Przno is fisherman’s settlement too, which has completed its charm with an array of good restaurants and cafes in a fishing style. It has not lost its authenticity, so today you can meet famous artists and bohemian, together with the most famous people from show business, politics, etc.

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