Beautiful beaches, and all additional characteristics, especially the climate, nature, cultural and historical treasures and modern accommodation facilities have meant  Bar to become a famous tourist spot.

Biserna obala
(pearl coast) or bach Canj, one of the most beautiful on the Montenegrin coast.
The mountain ridge of this beach is divided into two smaller ones. It is covered with thick layers of fine sand and colorful on the coast and stone pebbles in water, by which it is named. Length of both beaches is 1 800 m, and on them can enjoy cca 9 000 customers. In the background there are hotels and resorts, restaurants and bars, surrounded by pine trees, cypresses and Mediterranean plants. A few years ago it was called the Spanish beach. About 300 Communists, Spanish volunteers from Montenegro, gathered on the beach in mid-1936r, with the intent to carry the Spanish battlefields. But instead of boarding on the French ship that was waiting for them at bay, they ended up in prisons of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

The waters have a good beach, "Veliki pijesak" (large sand), the best beach in this part of the Adriatic, which is supported by the fact that people from Bar and the surrounding villages are very happy to come to our beach because it is spacious and interesting configurations.
It consists of a large beach cca 500m and some smaller beaches that are suitable for small children and non swimmers as they are in the bay. Also at the end of the beach is a large rock that is a natural jump into the water. Beach "Veliki pijesak" is located in Dobre Vode between Ucinj and Bar (8 km) in Montenegro. The capacity of the beach is 2784 customers. The surface is gravel and in some places sandy-gravel. Dobre Vode is characterized by a favorable climate and pure water. By the purity of water this beach is "I" category. A special experience every night is a memorable sunset which is very knownin this place. Because of the flow of mountain and sea climate, the place is considered to be the right treatment center for bronchitis, asthma etc. Landscape - environmental value of the beach is complemented by the Mediterranean vegetation belt that extends only 50 m from the sea.

Kraljičina plaža
(Queen's Beach) is located near the resort Čanj, at the northern municipality.
This small but attractive beach can be reached only by sea. It is surrounded by sedimentary rocks. Because of the atmosphere, the beautiful sand and crystal clear sea it was a favorite beach of Montenegrin Queen Milena during the stay in castle on Topolica.

The queen did not go swimming alone, but accompanied by royal entourage and the flagship. They swimmed separately, on the neighboring beach, which is called - Perjaničkia beach. It is a small secluded coves separated by high walls which is also accessible only by sea.

Maljevik bay is separated from the surrounding bays by cape Kličevac. It is a small rocky beach between Čanj and Sutomore. Its length is about 100 m with remarkably clear water. Nearby is a black cape, with an incredible underwater archaeological sites - a paradise for underwater explorers.

Sutomotrska beach
is near Bar.
It is about 1250m long and it connects with the "Zlatna obala" (Golden Coast), beach of homonymous hotel resort, 850m long. Both are covered with sand of golden color, as this area provides an incredible beauty. Staying at this beach is suitable for people who have rheumatic problems. Near the beach are hotel, apartments, restaurants and cafes. Venecian countess loved to swim at this beach 3 centuries ago.



Crvena plaža
(Red beach) is located in a small cove between Sutomore and Bar.
It was named after the color of sand, which is red, and covering both the beach and sea bottom. It is 1000m long and surrounded by thick pine. This is the dearest beach to people from Bar. Stjenovita plaža (Rocky beach), Žutokrlica, long about 1000, is located next to Crvena pl. It is covered with gravel and surrounded by a low Mediterranean vegetation and pine trees. It was called the "wild apple" (low Mediterranean shrub with beautiful yellow flowers). The beach Topolica is located in the city in front of the hotel "Topoloca" and extends from the river Željeznica to the port of Bar. It is a pebbly beach cca 500 m long. Near the hotel there are sports fields and park. At the end of the beach is a marina with 850 berths.

Crvena stijena (Red Rock) is a small beach behind the hill Volujica, near Bar, with gravel and surrounded by low vegetation.

For the beach Utjeha (Consolation) is often said that it is a real gem because it is surrounded by vast forests of olive trees, which extends to the highway and beyond. It
is known for its beauty, insolation, and pure void with many underwater fresh water springs that create unusual light turquoise. Utjeha beach is located between Bar and Ulcinj, the debt is about 800 m and is covered with white gravel.


Murici Beach is the largest beach on Lake Skadar.
It is located near the village Donji Murici strain on the northwest of the lake. It is a sandy beach, cca 600m long and 7m wide, with shallow water and sandy bottom, which cuts deep into the lake. On the beach there is a well of fresh cold water, and surrounded by dense oak forest. Murići is the favorite place of tourists, where visitors can taste local dishes such as carp and mackerel, a unique wealth of flora and fauna. Skadar Lake is one of the National Parks of Montenegro.
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