The most famous of them is the story about a pirate called Liko Ceni. Lico Ceni was a well known leader of pirates.  Daily Lico along with his companions would attack a large number of trade ships, and sometimes entire fleets.  Once he even sank a ship that was full of pilgrims on their way to Mecca.  When the Turkish sultan heard of this he ordered Lico to be found and imprisoned, and that the one who finds or kills him will be richly rewarded.  But, just at the same time another very dangerous pirate called Lambos or Aralampije, appeared.   Lambos  was of Greek origin, and so he knew the sea and the territory very well.  When the news regarding Lambos came to the sultan, he gave an order to kill him.  Time passed, but nobody could capture nor kill Lambos, so the sultan asked Lika Ceni to go and kill Lambos and in return he would forgive him everything he had done.  Liko was very excited about this request and said that he would “capture or kill Lambos”.  Quickly a duel arises between the two pirates and Liko kills Lambo.  The Turkish sultan spared Liko’s life and gave him the title of captain.  Many famous Ulcinj residences from Liko’s family, where also famous captains. 

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