In Ulcinj, the southernmost Montenegrin town, in the cove between hotel Albatros and Galeb is the “Women's beach” that doctors due to its  content of sulfuric minerals wells recommend to women for healing of sterility.  Above the beach is an information board that describes the importance of the ‘Women's beach” in 3 languages.   The beach is currently rented, and has all the needed amenities. 

The beach is well hidden from the views for two reasons: its natural position and the surrounding pine forests.  This is a gravel beach. There are 5 to 6 meters of shallow water, then the sea bottom quickly gains depth.  On the left side, the rocky coast has cemented platforms and there is  a  cave to the right.

There are many legends connected to the “Women's beach”.

A rich countess could not have children. The count family wanted children badly. Somebody from the family’s council told the countess to bathe here where the water contains iris. The countess was persistent, and she bacame pregnant.  

From this one other legends evolved.  Infertile women would go to the beach early morning for the women’s ritual. They were accompanied by an older woman. The infertile woman would lie some time on the beach, then naked would enter the water, and would go three times around the rock in front of the cave. She would then leave a piece of clothing on the beach and go home.

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