Long and Small beach

There is hardly a tourist who has spent his vacation in Ulcinj, and hasn't visited the Ulcinj beach.
That beautiful beach is far from town only 5 kilometers. Long beach is 12 km long and 60 m wide. Surface of the beach is 600 thousand m 2. Capacity of the beach is 150,000 customers. Long beach in Ulcinj is favorite among tourists because of the fine sand, whose grain has a diameter of 0.1 to 0.5 mm, and it resembles flour. The sand has a very effective healing features, and lying on it is recommended primarily because of problems with limbs, sciatica, spine and to treat infertility. Below cope Djeran, at the beginning of the Long beach is the marina, known as "Porta Milena" a real gem for the eyes, deep into the land with numerous sheds, which locals call "kalimere".

Very interesting to a  number of swimmers is also Small beach or as it is called a city beach. Length of the beach is 376 meters and area of 12  787 m2. Its sandy strand is covered with the smallest, fine sand. Small beach is situated in one of the most beautiful coves of Ulcinj, between the peninsula Ratislava and  old town fortress. The beach satisfies international standards of 5 m2 of space for a customer, and its capacity is 2 557 tourists.

On a beautiful paradise island Ada Bojana, is homonymous sandy beach, exclusively reserved for nudists, 1880 meters long. The specificity of this extremely attractive beach is the location itself - as the island which beach is triangular in shape, it is surrounded by calm river Bojana on two sides, and on the third side is the sea, so there is also a possibility of swimming in salt and fresh water. On Small beach of Ulcinj are respected the norms according to which the swimmers have to have 5 m2 of available space, therefore facilities of the beachare for 12 880 guests. Except for adults, Ulcinj's - Long and Small beach and Ada Bojana, are extremely suitable for children due to sandy sea shoal, which enables carefree swimming and sunbathing and playing on a long sandy beach.
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