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When we talk about accommodation in Podgorica, there are many hotels and motels which have different offer. Let’s start from hotel which has the same name as this city itself. Hotel Podgorica was built in 1967 on the banks  of the river Moraca and has recently been  restored. Hotel Podgorica is a 4-star hotel and has 59 rooms, with 108 beds. It has a restaurant, an outdoor garden overlooking the river, 3 aperitif bars and a TV room, as well as its own parking space.

A few kilometers upstream lies hotel Ambasador. Luxurious but calm and quiet hotel which has always been great place for those who simultaneously want some privacy and enjoy the view. The most beautiful part of the hotel is its spacious terrace overlooking the river.

Similar to this is hotel Eminent witch is located in the heart of the city, in Njegoseva Street. Hotel has luxurious suites and it is excellent for staying when it comes to business people to whom  business communication in the city center is of vital importance.

Newly built Best Western Premier Montenegro is situated in the heart of what is now called the business center of Podgorica, near the ministries, consulates and many international organizations in Montenegro. With modern exterior and interior the hotel offers over 40 rooms and 7 suites fully equipped to satisfy any type of business requirements. Satellite television, high speed internet is something that you can find in every room.

When we are talking about big hotels, hotel Crna Gora is situated  in the city centre, 12 km away from Podgorica airport and 2 km away from bus and train station, this 4-star hotel was built in 1953 and after  a number of renovations, it now has 290 beds and numerous accompanying contents and it is usually the first choice when it comes to sports teams. So don’t be surprised if you meet European sports persons on the premises, as often the biggest sport stars come to Podgorica to play with Podgorica’s excellent teams. Rooms have satellite programs, the internet  and room-service, but perhaps the best will be to relax in the beautiful interior in City café.

Hotel Crna Gora has a restaurant wich has recently been refurbished. It has now restored its former looks of decades ago. Cafe which is done in so called Viennese style has impressive interior, outstanding chandeliers that hang from  the ceiling whereas paintings of top notch Montenegrin artists bring you back to the time when this type of restaurant was the measure of service quality and enjoyment. Almost every week, if you hear sounds of dance music you can be sure that the traditional Montenegrin wedding is on. Sometimes over 750 people gather for the celebration in this unforgettable ambient.

Hotel Kerber is another of those city center hotels that has many facilities to offer. It has a restaurant, bar, fitness center, bookstore, pharmacy, several boutiques. In some rooms you can relax by means of  a hydro massage or Jacuzzi.

Ljubovic which is slightly larger in capacity was named after the hill at the  foot of wich it is located. Not far away from archery ground, this hotel with 82 rooms is not only big but also pleasant and intimate.

Hotel Evropa is of great importance because it’s within walking distance of the bus station.Fully equipped with all modern facilities you can wind up and enjoy some of the national dishes. There is a gym which is free for all guests, as well as wonderful sauna. Guests have the option to rent-a-car.

Hotel Kosta's with its 5 stars, for a short period of time has gained popularity and reputation for its quality. Not far from the bus and train station with an excellent offer including exercise equipment, computers and so on. Good thing is that you are offered a range of business and tourist arrangements, transportation of guests and full security. Some other smaller hotel that Podgorica offers, wich you can be interested in, are hotels Bojatours, a small hotel Imanje Knjaz, hotel Lovcen, hotel Holliday, hotel Martinovic, hotel Sarovic, hotel Imperijal etc.

When it comes to eating out there is a wide variety of restaurants to choose from. In  cafes all over the city you can try national dish called kacamak, as well as Chinese duck. Restaurant Maša is the centre of upclass gatherings in Podgorica. Its interior is dominated by large glass surfaces, modern design furniture, along with excellent service. Exceptional Italian cuisine more than delicious desserts and excellent choice of drinks and cocktails are a good recommendation for every visitor. Candle lit nights make romantic atmosphere for a lot of visiting couples.

Another well known restaurant in Podgorica is restaurant Ribnica. It has a long tradition and it is a place where a lot of celebrations as well as scientific meetings take place. Restaurant Leonardo offers delicious Italian cuisine. It has a nice garden wich in hot summer months can be an excellent choice. Restaurant Dvor situated in house Cubranovic which is the oldest house in Podorica, dating from the 30s of 17th  century, offers rich history background while you are enjoying some of the national and local meals. Sometimes during the weekend you can relax with the sound of old town music. Here you can try out every kind of meat roast in sac (sac is big metal lid in the shape of shallow bell that is used to cover dough for bread or meat for roast). This special way of preparing meat gives taste a tinge of unusualness you can’t find anywhere else. Similar ambient you’ll find in national restaurant Ognjiste, a few km away from Podgorica on the way to Niksic.You must pay a visit to this restaurant. Believe our word. Restaurant Talija set in the picturesque building of the Montenegrin National Theatre offers Brazilian cuisine and a spectacle during the food preparation. Restaurant Stefan is the one with best food. Nearby the National theatre there are few minor restaurants such as Posejdon wich offers sea food as a house specialty and restaurant Sempre with Italian cuisine.

Also worth mentioning are restaurants Cabbalero and Dank. If you prefer Mexican food Podgorica has had its own Mexican restaurant for a couple of years. Restaurant offer in Podgorica has been recently extended by opening a new Chinese restaurant. Pizzeria and tavern Lanterna  is interesting in its interior similar to old  Montenegrin houses, dominated by stone and wood. At about 20 km from Podgorica is restaurant Voda u krsu. Your trip to Petrovac will be complete only if you take a moment to relax in its renovated and glamorous salon, with excellent national cuisine. Excellent pizzas are prepared in wood stoves wich you can try in pizzeria Callabria. Il Giardino located in Roman square in business area of Podgorica  is very popular among business people because it  is situated near the headquarters of a large number of ministries, bank and schools.

Fast food restaurants are popular among young people and perhaps the most picturesque is Old Fisherman which is near the city stadium and offers an excellent fish menu. Voda u krsu, Kruna, Gurman and Cudesa od Mesa are visited by a lot of people.

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