Montenegrin dishes

dear guests. For an appetizer to serve in Montenegro appetizer and in it: smoked ham, kastradina,  beef, smoked carp, cheese made in Pljevlja, Crmnica cheese, cream Durmitor, cheese from Kuči, olive grown in Bar. Now here you go a glass of vine that is poured slowly, but it must be emptied quickly and unreservedly.

Soups, broths and porridge

In Montenegro,
you can refresh yourself with clear soup, broths and porridge. Clear soups (chicken, beef, lamb) served as an aperitif, main course for middle of one meal, lunch. Tonic soup (soup of nettles, shepherds creamy mushroom soup, grass clippings soup, soup of red wine) and mash (barley porridge with mushrooms, mash with mushrooms, mash the pulp) may serve as self-sufficient food.

Main course

I hope
you are not completely full, because we only get to the main course. Get ready for the main pleasure in cooked lamb (mutton), lamb in milk, polenta, cooked tuber (potato halves served with yogurt, cheese or sour cream), japraci, green beans, "soup beans" with smoked sausage, salami, or ribs, Meatballs (meatballs), stew, potato moussaka (with minced meat), sarma, sataraš (chopped fried vegetables), pilaf, fritters, Mediterranean specialties from the coastal southern part of Montenegro: squid, octopus, tuna and other marine fishes, clams, prawns ... Seafood dishes: bleak dried, smoked carp (a delicacy), crucian carp, carp, latch, eel and trout. If your host is a supporter of "Montenegrin fast food", you are again very well received. Expect dishes from the grill: kebabs, burgers, and rosemary, bay leaves, garlic, parsley, olive oil and homemade lemon "scented" fish specialties.


cuisine is complemented by the richness and refreshing salad: lettuce with tomato, lettuce leaves often with the addition of onions, mixed salad of peppers, green and red tomatoes, cabbage, carrots and other vegetables, chutney, pickled cabbage, pickled or pickled cucumbers, part of the traditional Montenegrin meze.


Montenegrin meal accompanied by a rich selection of desserts. Enjoy the low-calorific fresh or dried fruit or something more complex, caloric, and more tasty desserts: fritters (served with cheese, jam or honey), donuts and pancakes, baklava, tulumba, krempita, šampita and strudel.

We have rounded up
a meal, but there are many Montenegrin dishes such as:

Bread or bread

Bread in the Montenegrin diet plays an important role. It is eaten with almost every meal, and the most common are wheat, rye and barley bread.


Montenegrin cuisine wouldn't be Montenegrin if there wasn't for pies, especially spinach pie or pies made ​​of cabbage and other vegetables, cheese pie - pie made ​​with a mixture of cheese and eggs, potatoes and onion, pulleys from domestic wheat. One of the specialty are baked pies made of local whole flour, but also "sukaca" pie(twisted pie), whose preparation is culinary art.


Turkish coffee
is a ritual part of entertaining guests in Montenegro. Beside Turkish coffee it is drunk also espresso, mineral water (acid), boza, mezgra, grape juice and pomegranate juice. Geographical position and climate make Montenegro the perfect medium for the production of aromatic Montenegrin vigor. The most famous are the plum brandy (grape brandy). Beea Niksicko is an essential ritual for beer lovers.

Mediterranean part of Montenegro is perfect for wine growing. Wines are mostly dry and rich in tannin. Class Montenegrin wine Vranac is compared with Italian Chianti. Not far behind are also Krstač, Cabernet, Chardonnay, and the well-known Crmničko wine.
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