Alphabet of traditional cuisine

If you are looking
for traditional dishes, Montenegro will fulfill all your expectations. Here's what you order, eat or just have to taste:

- with this dish is usually served boiled white potatoes and sour milk. Curd cheese or sour cream are mixed with the flour until the grease is released. It is a meal of high energy content, pleasant taste - it literally melts in your mouth.

Montenegrin lamb in milk - a real specialty. Of about 2 kg of meat cooked in milk with the addition of local spices and potatoes, can serve eight people, and especially in northern areas, this dish is prepared during festive occasions.

under the bell - when it comes to food under the bell, it would be interesting to describe the process of saving. Prepared dishes are far tastier because it is an almost ancient way of preparation - meat and potatoes are placed under the metal cover called. sac, which is then covered by fire and ashes. In this way, aroma is retained, food is evenly cooked in a natural way. Lamb, for instance, is most delicious when prepared in this way. Montenegrin national restaurants prepare it in this way today.

- very rich and nourishing meal. In rastan kilogram and a half pounds of beef is added the rice, pepper, and even dry meat. Cooking fat is released and the meal gets the taste.

- mushy, strong dish made ​​of wheat, buckwheat, barley or corn flour and served with cheese and sour milk. Smocani kacamak is the name of polenta in which is added cheese or cream and is mixed with a special long wooden spoon. The taste is even better, and people in the villages prefer it because it gives them the energy they spent in hard labor. It is offered in each of the restaurants. Polenta potatoes is perhaps the most interesting variant of this dish.

Sausage -
prepared by drying, usually in Njegusi, with a special technique. It is extremely tasty and strong.

Boiled Potatoes - an easy and favorite meal, supplemented with cheese and sauerkraut. It is easily prepared -  half and hour of potato cooking.

- mixing bread with milk, oil and cheese you get an interesting and cheap food, deeply rooted in the Montenegrin food.

popeci - interestingly arranged meal. In a veal steak wrapped in a piece of cheese or cream and older piece of ham, further frying and roasting gives an excellent juicy and rich interior, and tasty and crispy outside.

- the most famous ham, smoked, the leader in quality compared to the Italian producers. This is the meat of which is cared day and night, while dried exclusively on beech tree, for several months. It is served with usually homemade brandy and smoked cheese from Njegusi.

- very tasty dish of local vegetables from the cabbage family, cooked with white potato and many spices.

stuffed peppers, stew, pilaf etc are some of the dishes characteristic for some other Balkan countries besides Montenegro
. Each of these meals carries a small but significant part of Montenegro, in itself, and highly recommend them during your stay in this region.

- a stew of Montenegro prepared mainly with noodles, potatoes or vegetables. Particularly interesting is the nettle soup, and almost none of them leaves out cooked meat and are very nutritious and rich.
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