Characteristics of the cuisine

national cuisine had an impact especially from Central European, Austrian and East, and Turkish cuisine. What is not changing in Montenegro is that we still live and eat slowly. On the coast are mainly represented Mediterranean dishes, seafood, which are stored on the local olive oil. The most popular are grilled fish, fish stews of grouper, moray, squid and other fish. Additions are chard, salads. With the traditional dishes of mountainous and continental - "polenta" and "cicvara", you will not go wrong if you order the lamb and potatoes under the bell. The village Njegusi, under Lovćen, you will mainly eat best ham, cheese, kastradina (dried sheep meat) and sausages - thanks to the sea and mountain air and wood which are used for drying. You will drink local strong drinks - brandy grape, pear and wines - Vranac or Krstač. Full of contrasts and diversity, preserves traditions but is finding ways based on new "trends" to offer a variety of international dining. So today Montenegro was not bypassed by any other foreign influences. In almost all restaurants are represented Italian, French, Mexican, Greek, Spanish, Chinese and many other dishes.
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