For some time in the world tourism is very popular so-called active holiday in the composition of such offers and hiking with all that the sport entails. Thus the strongest tourism organizations such gems their offers stand out to such tourist destinations adequate fashion. As a country that aspires to play a significant role in the European tourist map and is declared or opt for a sustainable eco-tourism, Montenegro needs to follow the trends. In that context was the recent visit of fifty Greek mountaineers who spent ten days touring the Bay of Kotor, Durmitor Njegusi and, as a prelude to counseling'' Hiking and Tourism'' by the PD initiative organized by Subra Mountaineering Association of Montenegro:'' The intention of this advice to the tourism industry in Montenegro included in its offer beautiful natural resources on which our country, and that our happiness is relatively well preserved and can be and are one of the few attractions. Confirmation that the impressions from the Greek mountaineers who actually were the first tourists of the kind which have come organized in Montenegro. We will try to help with tourism representatives to use what we have to combine pleasant and useful, and that is what we presented at this meeting. Bearing in mind the expertise of the participants of this consultation and preliminary agreements that have been achieved, is likely to soon implement some plans, but we will try to go to the State-wide and to a much greater extent'' said Brano Perovic, President Mountaineering Association of Montenegro, adding that the organization has already prepared the Mountain Travel Guide for Montenegro, which will soon come out of the press, in which they handled all the major mountains of our country and represent excellent manual to local nature lovers and all tourists:'' Except Mountaineering Association of Montenegro it is the green gradually involves the concept of sustainable development that was proposed by UNDP Montenegro and will be shortly discussed at the highest levels in the country, and our participation is not only verbally but also the specific project - 7 days after the Montenegrin mountains, which begins at Kucka Krajina Mountains and ends in Zabljak. Currently one of the countries that are a lot of talk Costa Rica, which has accepted and implemented the project of sustainable development ie. Tourism has brought her a very good income'', concluded Perovic. Of course to make this initiative and fully implement the ideas into practice unless hikers are required and many other subjects of a primarily male employees who would be able to enhance their organizations offer. This whole idea fell on fertile ground and confirmed the presence of representatives of tourism symposium in Dubrovnik, Kotor and Herceg Novi, and their impressions inspire optimism for the start of the project:'' I am very impressed by what I heard at this meeting and the expertise of people who he attended. The only regret that there was no one from the Ministry of Tourism and Environmental Protection, for things that are here deserve attention potentiated the whole tourism industry. This provides what is missing in Montenegro, which is a trend in the world - recreation and richer as extra services for which we have great potential, so that a small investment can get a lot. We are in a touristic alliance in Kotor already made a deal with PD Subra and extend our offer even though it is still modest and should strive to complete the development of joint regional projects, as the common occurrence of Side and the entire region can be much better to compete in the tourism market'' commented Rade Coso Director of the Tourist Centre Kotor. Of course such a project would not have to go without a man whom it is difficult to be classified separately among hikers and tourist workers, Željko Franić pedesettrogodišnji DAS owner of travel agency from Dubrovnik, which, as I say, fifty years of experience in mountaineering, because his father when he was only three years for the first time brought on Orijen and then takes his love of the mountain and climbing:'' I went over to Orijen turn into something that represents the future in tourism. Already we are indeed sporadic, started the program, jeep safari, and from 15 May we begin with a complete line. Day will be coming from Dubrovnik and from the Bay of Vrbanj two groups of buses and mini-jeeps, will be organized mountain walks and other programs associated with it. Specifically to use eco-foods that can be bought directly from farmers and the Vrbanja Kruševica, where he still has a house where the fireplace in the middle of the home, which is also an attraction. My father made Dubrovnik Mountain Lodge at Vrbanja and I really love this mountain and it is my wish that those people who live there to use to enable you to have the best possible way. The only thing that worries me in all this is the ability to obtain concessions that would in some way provided a legitimate travel all the workers of the possible occurrence of some non-registered suppliers of similar services'' said Franić.
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