Montenegrin coast is characterized by steep limestone coast with many small caves very suitable for fish habitat.

Coastal sea depth it ranges up to 35 m from where it transits to sandy bottom. Underwater rock is rich in flora, coral colonies and coral, while the sandy slopes are covered with posidanija. The fauna is rich, divers have the opportunity to photograph a flock dentex, gilthead, cantors, mullet and other fish, while very common examples of large grouper, conge eel, moray, rays and lobsters. The summer temperature usually ranges from 21-25 ° C, which allows comfortable diving, while the temperature in winter rarely drops below -13 ° C. Salinity is 36 parts per thousand, a visibility of 15-35 m.

In the Montenegrin coast (which is not yet quite explored) there are several hydro-rich sites, such as: Risan Bay, Cape Rosa at Callao, the site of Njivice near Herceg Novi, site of the bay Bigova, Platamuni Rt, Rt Volujica near Bar, site of the old Ulcinj.

For the safety of divers there are highly experienced and trained people in clubs, a hyperbaric chamber center with modern and professional personnel located in Meljine near Herceg Novi.

Foreign divers, individuals or groups can dive in the sea of ​​Montenegro organized by some of the diving clubs from Montenegro. They ought to have some legitimacy of world diving federation CMAS, PADI, NNI, SSI, etc.., as proof of competence.
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